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Thank you for your fast service (10 days delivery). My order arrived to me on Monday 31st March.
What a pleasant surprise. I purchased the scrub cap as a gift for a surgeon who saved my life. I
will ensure that when I give it to him, I will include your business card and information so he
can show his colleagues. Thank you also for the free surgical cap, very generous.

Sharni H. - Coolangatta, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Hello friends! The surgical caps are today in my hands, I only want to tell you that I'm very happy with them
and very grateful to you, everything has gone in the right way, very professional. thanks a lot, here you have
a customer, a friend and the best ambassador of your products in mi city. warm regards. (10 days delivery)

Raúl Navarro L. - Las Lumbreras, Monteagudo (MURCIA) Spain

Love your stuff! I have purchased a number of your scrub hats in the past and love them and
get great feedback. I have referred many to your site. A friend of mine absolutely loves the
surgical cap I wear but she wants it in a bouffant style You don't offer it in that style?
(We will try to add more bouffant prints)

Steve W. - Norfolk, Virginia


Hyunseok K. - Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Thanks you it is the 3rd time I order all the scrub cap for my colleagues all ok! an emergency nurse.

Benozzi P. - Torino, Italy

More small hospital gown sizes please but these are great! I'm in the hospital with cancer and these are a lifesaver.

susan a. - Newton, Massachusetts

My mother did however get to enjoy the many size small patient hospital gowns I bought for her
and it was nice to see her looking snazzy in her days. This is a great business and I will
recommend you to my friends. :-)

Simone B. - New York City, New York

Thank you very much for getting the Surgical Caps to my requested destination in Indiana.
I needed them by the weekend for my sisters Graduation from Surgical Tech school!
Now it will be complete. Your SERVICE was GREAT!

Sherri W. - Brunswick, Maryland

awesome surgical hat prints can't wait to see them, they are a gift for my husband who is finishing his residency.

stephanie w. - allen park, Michigan

thanks. the SURGICAL caps arrived. love them. will tell my colleagues and friends about your website.


Hallo Euch allen,
ich bin mir zwar sicher, dass wenige oder keine von Euch deutsch verstehen, schreib Euch aber trotzdem.
Die Kappen sind super pünktlich und gut erhalten hier angekommen. Der deutsche Zoll hat das Paket aber
gründlich gefilzt. Haha. Sie sehen toll aus und gefallen allen auf Arbeit gut. Vielleicht werden noch
einige von meinen Kollegen auch welche bestellen. Ich danke Euch von Herzen für den Spaß den Ihr uns mit
Euren Kappen bereitet. Alles Gute aus old Germany

Manuela K - Nürnberg, Germany

Hello you all,
Although I am sure that few, if any of you understand German, you write nonetheless. The SCRUB caps are
great time and arrived here in good condition. The German customs has the package butgefilzt thoroughly.
Haha. You see great and like all to work well. Maybe even some of my colleagues also what order. I thank
you sincerely for your fun us with the Prepares your SURGICAL caps. All the best from Old Germany.

Love the website and have several surgical caps already! I noticed there are different patterns for the bouffant hat and the stethosocks than for the surgical caps. Is it possible to make a cap out of a fabric from the bouffant hat section or stethosock section? Not sure if it is possible, but wanted to ask just in case. (SORRY NO, WE ONLY HAVE THE PRODUCTS ON THE WEBSITE FOR SALE, THANKS)

Thanks for a great product!

Noah H. M4 SCRUB CAPS rules ;)

Marc A. O. - Alella, Barcelona Spain

I am so happy with your product!

Not a day goes by that I don't proudly wear one of my eight hospitalgowns surgical scrub caps.
I always get rave comments from my co-workers and patients alike. Your designs are the best.
Quality is top rate (no fading!) and shipping is fast. Keep up the good work and I am proud to
say that I will be a customer for a long time.

Carl B. RN - Arizona

I received my first batch of designer surgical caps. I like them very much.

Yunping L. - west newton, MA

Hi there,

I've bought several designer surgical hats from DHG now and love them!! Thanks!

Bridget Barron - Phoenix, AZ

Beautiful! I hope these designer scrub caps will help my bone marrow transplanted patients when they'll se "their" doctor.

Dr. Francesco C. - Ghezzano (PI), Italy

Thanks so much for the free surgical cap with our last purchase! We have about 10 women in our dental office that are just starting to wear surgical caps, love all the free samples...the more the better...the more we will continue to order!! Thanks again!!

Heather M.
Smile Gallery - Roseville, California

I previously buy your surgical caps & use them w/great pleasure.

Uri B. - Haifa, Israel

love your caps!!!!!! Gina B. - VA Beach, Virgina

Great stuff, surgical caps! I always get many compliments from my patients and dental staff. Thanks.

Dr. Mark R.M., M.S.,D.D.S.,P.C. - Livonia, Michigan

Thanks guys/gals. This is the 3rd time I've purchased scrub hats from your website SURGICALCAPS.COM.
I tell everyone in my dept about this website! Thanks again! Matt

Christopher A. - Owensboro, Kentucky

Hi! I've just received my 12 surgical caps ordered few days ago. So now I order for my bone marrow transplantation unit several scrub caps for Doctors and Nurses. The payment is an offer from AIL (Associazione Italiana Leucemia: it means "Italian Association for Leukemias". I hope your products scrub hats help our work. Kindly regards. (100 surgical caps)

Francesco C. & Biagi F. - Pisa, Italy

Just had Neurosurgery, and liked your scrub caps. Looking forward to getting them... Thanks!

Dave H. - Battle Creek, Michigan

Hey Guys,

I got my designer surgical caps in the mail today - wow that was fast getting to Australia from the USA.
They look and feel great and they're well made. I reckon I just figured out what all my friends in the
operating theatre complex are getting for Christmas gifts this year! Thanks so much.

Dr Chris T.  MBBS (QLD) Australia

You folks make a great products. I've bought a lot of surgical scrub caps from you. More patterns please.
I'm running out of choices. Thanks... (we have over 150 prints in stock shipping daily)

Chris B. - Boscawen, New Hampshire

I just want to let you know the package has arrived on Aug. 1 without any problem.
It seems to me that US & CZ Posts work fine.And the scrub caps are really nice :-) Best regards,

Jan Z. - Prisovice, Czech Republic

I enjoyed shopping with - even if I missed to tick another Surgeon’s cap, I will buy that next time Best regards.

Olof N. MD FRCS - Stockholm, Sweden

#1 ;)

Marc A. O.
Alella, Barcelona, Spain

your scrub hats are brilliant i have 5 already and have just ordered 2 more surgical caps, all the patients comment on them, many thanks

janet f. - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Medical School Graduation gifts 2 medical t-shirts, medic baseball cap, medicine beanie and tote bag
and a stethosock, stethoscope cover sock.Thanks very much. Best regards!!!

Filomena - Sintra, Portugal

That's great service. Thanks.

Karen P. L. - Ontario, CANADA

This order will change the headwear of all anesthesiologyservice of an Italian Hospital!
:-) Thank's so much!

LORENZO P. - Roncofreddo fraz. Diolaguardia, Italy



KATHY K. - VIENNA, Virginia

I loved the variety of fabric prints. You guys have the best prints out there! Your price plus shipping became
competitive when I increased my order size. Prints in a local store were costing about $8 here in KC. Thanks for
not increasing the shipping charge very much to add additional covers. Thanks for showing the stitching, it is
nice to know how it is made & reinforced.

Susan S. - Kansas City, Missouri

received the surgical scrub caps and they're great.....

Lisa H. - Eagle Idaho

Dear friends,
we received your surgical caps and now all of us wear it. thank you very much
from ICU "Rianimazione Ospedale Maggiore" - Bologna, Italy

ICU - Rianimazione Ospedale Maggiore - Bologna, Italy

I just received my surgical caps today and was delighted to find that a free 'wacky' scrub cap was added to my order. It really made my day. I must say I am very pleased with the quality of the caps and will certainly be telling
my colleagues and friends about your company , although I think my wearing the scrub caps will
get people asking anyway! Thanks again. Regards

Zain M. - Durban, South Africa

I bought a surgical cap a while ago and I have received it and I liked it, Now I wanna buy more
of your items and to be ship to the same previous address. Thank you.


I am in process of ordering hospital patient gowns for heart surgery.

Comment: I really like your hospital gown designs and after going through the URL it seems to have the best patient gown designs available. The only issue I have is that the XXL sizes are not available in all prints. Thanks. (sorry we can only stock so many hospital gowns in each size, no back orders - we make in quantity, then go into production again)

Ed G. - Chicago, IL

the items, surgical caps have all arrived and are great!

Sorcha O.T. - New York, New York

absolutely brilliant, staff and hospital patients think they are great (surgical caps) and they cant wait to see what
new scrub hats I get

janet f. - hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Thank you very much. I will certainly tell people I know about your website We are wearing the scrub caps and stethoscope cover socks for Halloween. I know everyone will ask where we got them!

Barbara A. - New York, New York

you guys have good surgeons caps. They don't shrink even after multiple washings. keep up the good work

Rommel B. DDS inc. - Stockton, California

Good morning.... I'd like to tell you that all the scrub caps are arrived on yesterday afternoon.
Excuse me....Thank you very much....See you soon.... good job.

Gianmichele Di C. - Rome, Italy

Your designer hospital gowns are beautiful.

Taka I. - Willington, CT

Thank you. I'll send them over to the U.S. Post Office. I hope your products, designer hospital gowns
are as good as your excellent customer service.

Hello, just wanted to let you know that we received our shipment this morning with the 3 DESIGNER hospital gowns. They are absolutely perfect and I very much appreciate your fast service. I am amazed that you were able to get those to us within 24 hours. I am so glad that I took a chance on your online company. It really is nice to know that sometimes you get what you pay for. Your hospital gowns are priced more than most, but they are top-notch and worth the extra money. Combine your excellent product with your superb customer service and you have a winning company and a very satisfied customer.
Thank you.


very happy to have found these scrub caps my supervisor is going to be very happy!

emilia g. - Brooklyn, New York USA

Woman recovering after face transplant
Doctors replaced 80 percent of patient’s face in 22-hour surgery

CLEVELAND - A woman who had suffered severe facial trauma got essentially a whole new face
in a first-of-its-kind operation at the Cleveland Clinic, hospital officials said Wednesday 12/17/08 - surgical scrub caps in action Many Thanks Dr. Daniel Alam at Cleveland Clinic   designer scrub caps at Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Risal Djohan, left, Dr. Maria Siemionow, center, and Dr. Daniel Alam perform a
near-total face transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.

link to the Cleveland Clinic face transplant operation details:  - Cleveland Clinic website  - New York Times Story

designer surgical caps at Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic transplant team looks at a model of the Connie Culp's face during the first face transplant surgery in the U.S. The 46-year-old mother of two lost most of the midsection of her face to a gunshot in 2004. The initial surgery by the Cleveland Clinic team took place in December 2008. Left to right are Drs. Risal Djohan, Daniel Alam, Frank Popay, foreground, and head surgeon Dr. Maria Siemionow.

My husband is Hawaiian. I have been worrying about needing to dress him in a hospital gown. You have relieved
much pain from me having to this designer hospital gown for him. These are all beautiful! Do you know when you
will replenish the sold out patterns? (once the fabric print sells out they are done, no more fabric left we make a new print selection)

Thank you. We love the first four designer hospital gowns and want to purchase two more designer patient gowns.

Barbara H. - Kelso, Washington

ABC Thursday's 9 PM - Grey's Anatomy episode "Perfect Mistake" coming in Feb. 2009 wearing "guest star doctor" has 1 Oscar, 2 Emmys WHO? The guest star doctor FAYE DUNAWAY will be operating... and SHE doesn't like to be second guessed - to be continued... FAYE DUNAWAY is Dr. Campbell, Seattle Grace's oldest female surgeon

Grey's Anatomy Faye Dunaway wears Hyakkaryouran Bouffant Scrub Hat

GREY'S ANATOMY - "An Honest Mistake" - Derek's confidence is shaken like never before as he faces off with Addison over what course is best for their dying pregnant patient; Cristina calls the abilities of a renown surgeon into question after she botches a standard procedure and Bailey, who has decided to pursue a fellowship in Pediatrics, is appalled by the Chief's less-than-stellar recommendation letter, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19 on the ABC Television Network.


Dr. Alex Baldwin : Do I have a GOD Complex? 


Great stuff and fabulous ideas! My dental staff and patients love these patterns. Keep-up the great (art) work!

Dr. Mark M. - M.S., D.D.S.,P.C. - Livonia, Michigan

Fantastic!!! Thank you sooooo much. I will look forward to getting the many surgical caps in a few days.

Thanks. José Enrique G. - Las Rozas, Madrid, SPAIN

ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with Charlie Gibson reporting John McKenzie

Targeted Chemo' Safely Shrinks Liver Tumors - Experimental Technique Bombards Tumors with 10 Times Chemotherapy Cancer Dose   designer our scrub caps in OR action

I made a great deal with you a few weeks ago, and all my colleagues went totally crazy for your designer surgical caps so... here I am! and I look forward to see your new models!

Andrea C. - Brescia (IT), Italy

I love your caps and have been wearing them for a couple years now. They are vibrant and durable, if HK would
quit losing them, they would last forever...but then you would not make any money. They have lost 5 of them
and now I need more, your site is where I came to first. Thanks gang for keepin' the hair out of it all;)

David M. - The Memorial Hospital - Craig, Colorado  - Medico Chirurgo - Specialista in ortopedia

hello, I just received my order of surgical scrub caps. Fast, efficient without added costs. The real work of professionals Congratulations and thank you !

Arnaud B. - Paris, France

hello. I've just received my 2 packages of scrub caps. thanks for your service. regards

Paola L. - Pontedera (Pisa) Italy

The Scrub Caps arrived, quickly and OK. I'll tell my friends. Thanks.

Rafael B. P. - S/C de La Palma. S/C de Tenerife, Spain

I'm a returning customer. I'm very satisfied with the previous order and surgical caps are excellent!

Marko B. - Zagreb, Croatia

I ordered the XXL Large Island Tribes Hospital Gown and would like an extra large. Thank you very much...
I love the designer hospital gown by the way. (I am using it for my schooling)

Karrie V.S. - Davenport, IA

I am a return client of your company and enjoy your medical wear products greatly ! Thanks !!!

Dr. Tamir G. - Kiryat Motzkin, Israel

Simply perfect! Very fast (11 days total), very informed and very happy. Thank you very much!

regards Ricardo - SAN JUAN DE ALICANTE, ALICANTE, Spain

absolutely great scrub hats thanks

janet f. - Welwyn, Garden City, United Kingdom

thank you from France for your originality


Pink Camo scrub hat and brain tote bag - AWESOME THANKS!!!
Shipping faster than my local New Zealand postal service! Cheers. ( 7 days total time )

Toni - Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand

We really like yours surgical caps in our surgical clinique thanks you!


MMFC-Children of Peru" Cuzco Mission, May 09

Peru TV channel Panamericana interviews of Daniel Alam (surgeon in the mission), Helen John-Kelly (Head of the mission), Gustavo Bueno (surgeon at EsSalud hospital in Cuzco) and Edouard Ruelle (Children of Peru Foundation)
I wore one of the designer scrub hats you gave me to Peru on a cleft lip mission that I take there every year.....
the South American version of CNN called panamerica news interviewed us.

Daniel S. Alam, MD - Cleveland Clinic | Section Head | Facial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Head and Neck Institute

I just ordered some designer surgical caps from you for the first time. I’m a plastic surgeon and have been wearing these for 20 years. Very user friendly web-site. The caps are nicely made, were delivered quickly and I appreciate the “Freebee”. Thanks for the great experience. I’ll be back.

Dr. Robert T. - Irvine, CALIFORNIA

Second time I ordered surgical caps for your company.... First time I was satisfied.... All was perfect !!


My neighbor wore the designer hospital gown out for his walk and looked sharp.  His wife said it was a little big but okay.  Thanks again and I think they will become customers for more hospital gowns.

karen aka terri - Los Angeles, CA

I've just received the scrub caps, thank you so much!!! ( 15 days by air mail )

Cristiana T. - Roma, Italy

Awesome scrub caps! Thanks!

Allen M. MD
Office of the Medical Investigator, Knoxville, Tennessee

Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB Credit Cards, PayPal - SHIPPING WORLDWIDE DAILY

Your website was very user friendly, and thanks for using PayPal.

Tina L. - Circleville, Ohio


Sorry for my English, I don't have some practice here:) Thanks for caps, we have received them in Norilsk, Russia  in 16 days (USA to Russia). It is wonderful!:) They will heat us in the long winter evenings the cheerful prints:) PS: So, not to break tradition, my photo in your scrub cap:)

Best regards, Norilsk Sity Hospital surgery resident Fesenko S.V. - Norilsk, Russia

Thank you for the explanations, 4 scrub caps shipped out. New Caledonia is a French territory in the Pacific between Australia and New Zealand.
best regards


Thank You for some gifts added to my last order - there was some green surgical caps, stethoscope covers and scrub sacks. Those scrub caps are ordered by team of Anesthesiologists and Anaesthesiological Nurses from Medical Academy Hospital in Warsaw. We decided to look a little bit less serious (as You wrote on caps - look better-feel better) in relation to our work and target was successfully done. Thank You With best regards.

Karol S. M.D. - Podkowa Leśna, Poland

I just wanted to let you know I was very happy with my purchases of scrub caps and impressed that they came so quickly! 7 days total.I've popped a sign up on the noticeboard at work, hospital to let people know about your website. Hopefully you get more customers from down under! Tess (Australia)

Tessa W. - Hawthorn, Victoria AUSTRALIA

Got the package (5 surgical caps, 2 scrub sacks, 3 medical graphic t-shirts) already, thanks! (7 days air mail to UK)

MARY G. D. - EPSOM, United Kingdom

As soon as I get my surgical hats that I just ordered, I’ll take a pic of all the “girls” w/ the Engineers and Surgical team and we’ll send you a pic live from Orgun-E Afghanistan… all the girls went CRAZY over my Pirate bouffant scrub hat b/c I am a part of Task Force Pirate.

Thanks again, Angie - Afghanistan

"I know not what course that others may take, but as for me...Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

JB French Childrens Hospital, designer

Hi, I'm French and I'm working in a big French hospital for children. Children, parents and my friends love my designer surgical caps. Some of my friends will certainly buy you some surgical caps very soon. I'd like to thank you for my first transaction 3 months ago. I was been very satisfied! See you.

Jeremy B. - Marseille, France

dear friends,

As I am enjoying your designer surgical caps in the perfect quality with the nice pattern, with the last orders I always had to go to the German postal customs with their limited times of opening ;-) thank you very much in advance and keep on making your perfect scrub caps !!!

Dr. Axel M. - Flein, Germany

Good evening:
Fast service, great products, posters and scrub caps! Thanks for the "freebie" Will order from you again. Best regards.

Don J., R.N. - Little Rock, Arkansas

Thanks for a wonderful product, designer scrub caps !

Jeffrey D. - Kindred Hospital Waltham - Hyde Park, Massachusetts

I have ordered from your company before and I was so happy with the designer surgicalcaps that I am ordering more.

Casey C. - Brooksville, Florida


I just recently ordered a surgical cap for my husband. Order #4XXXX. My husband just had a craniotomy for an aneurysm and he had no clue what to wear back to work with his suits. All other head cover options (baseball, trendy tam-type things, bjorn borg-ish head bands) would not have worked but I came across your site from a google search and thought the surgical cap option would be perfect. Cover the scar, not look too alienating, actually looking “medical” so people in his meetings would immediately think “something medical” before rushing to judgment thinking “why is this guy wearing a baseball cap with a suit to this huge meeting?” … my husband
is pretty conservative and was wary of the surgical cap option but once he tried it on in the deep conservative navy he LOVED it. I was so happy to see HIM so happy and comfortable about going back into the office again.

The range of fabrics and patterns you offer are amazing. And we were SO blown away by the “bonus cap” – in this funky, fun pattern – my daughter and I call it “the party cap” – we all had some laughs. Which is wonderful, this whole ordeal has left us needing laughs desperately!

Just wanted to thank you so much for the great service and product. Also, I can’t help but mention this – you should (if you haven’t already) try to market your wares to neuro units/patients recovering from brain surgery. My husband was with one of the top teams in the US at Georgetown and jeez all they gave him was this cloth banded together with surgical tape! I’d like to think that patients should have more options when it comes to covering their temporary scars and hair loss, and I think that your company is the perfect entity to satisfy this need!

Thank you again so much for offering the great head covering options …. Hope your company continues to do well !!! If I can help in
any way with testimonials or anything contact me any time!

Sincerely, Kirsten P. - Oak Hill, VA

Thank you again!!! We really like your surgical caps in our private clinic, everybody wants one!!!


Thanks so much! I received the 40 designer surgical scrub caps this morning bright and early.

Margie H. - Smith & Nephew, Inc. - Memphis, TN

I’ve received my order today and I really want to thank you for treating it so rapidly (6 days total to France).
Excellent scrub caps, excellent design, real quality. They fit perfectly. Many thanks for the bonus surgical cap,
also. Definitely I will recommend your products to all of my friends. Wishing you all the best.

Mona M. - Villeneuve d'Ascq, France

I've ordered surgical caps from you before and you've been unbelievably fast with delivery. I paid extra for international priority and hope I can get the stuff within two weeks. Thanks for being so efficient. You guys are the best.

Margarita D. - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Surgical Caps for gifts. I really appreciate you being so kind. I apologize as it was a last minute thought for the
assistant Dr. that helped with my cancer surgery. The main surgeon called him "hooch" and I thought the dog theme would make a cute Christmas gift. =) Again, thank you for the credit. Sincerely,

Tonya - Yorktown, Virginia

Hy dear friends!!!
I want to thank you very very much the package!!! Is it very nice!.. I make my order in 11/20 and now in 27 November I got the package! You are the best! I will tell for all my friends! Have a nice Black Friday! (TOTAL = 7 DAYS USA TO ROMANIA)

Marka R. - Satu Mare, Romania

Hi, I´m very happy with all my designer surgical caps (almost 20) that make my working day easier and because of your great designs and the efficiency of your website this is my third or fourth time that I buy scrub caps in, and I usually get my scrub caps in about 2 weeks (I live in Spain).

Ana K.M. - Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia, SPAIN

The designer scrub caps arrived today (3 days ship time) and I think my daughter will really like them. These will
really spiff up her plain surgical scrubs. Thank you very much!

James R. - Palatine, Illinois

I recently received an order that was placed Wed. I am always so impressed by how quick your delivery time is and
the same day shipping. My husband also swears that your scrub caps fit the best and he loves that the fabric is the same on the inside since his head is smaller and he often has to fold up the bottom a little bit.

April C. - Dupont, Washington

I have ordered from you before and love your products!! getting more for husband's birthday! thanx

Stephanie W. - South Beloit, Illinois

Dr. Tomoaki Kato in glasses and his team at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia operated last week on a man with a cancerous tumor.

Dr. Tomoaki Kato (R)  Dr. Anthony Watkins (L) operate on a cancerous tumor - Dr. Watkins and Evelin Badalov, physician assistant - New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia surgical operation

Dr. Kato, right, and Dr. Anthony Watkins, left operate. (wearing Cubism Scrub Cap)

Dr. Watkins and Evelin Badalov, physician assistant to Dr. Kato, take a break from 43-hour operation.

Photo: Alex di Suvero for The New York Times

Hi, guys! Thanks for this wonderful production! Your scrub caps - its a most popular order in our Hospital surgical community:)

Sergey F. - Norilsk Sity Hospital - Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Province, Russia

This is the second time I have ordered from you and I just want to say that you have the best made scrub hats around! I ordered 6 months ago, and since then many co-workers have asked me where I bought my Air Force scrub hat from. Now I see more and more people with scrub hat that have the DHG logo on them! I will continue to spread the word about your scrub hats, so thank you for a great product!

CHRIS P. - WEXFORD, Pennsylvania


Firstly, I love your surgical hats! I live in New Zealand and many of my workmates have them, they are great!!!

Thanks, Lauren A. - New Zealand

I got the scrub caps at the hotel, no problems with the delivery. SUPER. In meanwhile I am back in Germany and again at work. Thank you very much for this super service! Best regards,

Dr. Gerold M.
Orthopädische Gemeinschaftspraxis Bad Kreuznach
Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Designer Hospital Gowns / DHG :
Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing.We are praying this designer hospital gown will get here in
time to make a difference for our beloved Mom. She would love the print! ( USPS EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE, 1 - 3 days )

Mary W. - Great Falls, Virginia

the original designer hospital gown by PICTURED

I own your peace sign scrub cap and just love it! I consider myself a trendsetter, and being able to do it in the OR is fabulous!

sue a. - scottsdale, Arizona

Hello, it's nice to buy other scrub caps from you. All my best wishes from Italy

Marco P. - Cesena FC, Italy

Dear Customer Service,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the scrub hats I ordered today, along with the free scrub sack bag. Thank you so much for the free gift! It is much appreciated and will be quite useful in storing my headwear when not in use.The scrub hats are even better than I hoped for. The fabric is quite colorful, the design very clear, and the construction is very sturdy. I work for a medium sized surgical hospital, and have quite a few co-workers who will be interested in your products, and I will surely recommend they visit your site. I've even had a few patients ask me where to find bouffant style hats, and I will be proud to pass your web address to them as well.

Thanks again for your prompt service, complimentary sack, and great product. I look forward to getting more scrub hats in the near future!

Respectfully, KEVIN U. - MERCER, Pennsylvania

You have a great product. I'm always getting compliments on my orange plaid scrub cap. Thanks again.

Jeffrey D. - Kindred Hospital Waltham - Hyde Park MA

I love your surgical cap designs, they are so colourfull and funny. The quality of the material is also nice.
Since I met the DHG I don't buy from anywhere else. I am so sorry about not to shipping directly to Turkey.
Lots of my friends want these caps but they couldn't get. If a friend of us goes to another country that you
ship then we ask him/her to bring us some. I want to buy some caps from here but I missed and you don't show
them on your website anymore. I wonder if you will show them again? (example: egyptain warriors, puppy paws,...)



We just received these designer scrub hats and absolutely love them! Thank you!

Celeste B. - Woburn, Massachusetts

My husband has been wearing DHG scrub caps for 2 years now. He absolutely loves them and won't go anywhere without these covering his hair. I have tried them finally and will also be wearing them to save my hair while working!!!! Great products....Keep it up!!! Dentists.

Dr. Rommel B., DDS - Stockton, California

Thanks a lot for your website, this is my third order and my colleagues and my patients don't stop
congratulating me for my (your) surgical caps. I love that :) So will you have some new models of surgical caps next months? Because I have almost all your prints and I want more! Thanks again and see you. (Sorry because my English is so bad!)

Jérémie B. - Marseille, France

Thank you for checking on my order. I also confirmed delivery with the recipient by tracking. My mistake, I apologize. Thank you also for the prompt phone call. The recipient really likes her gift scrub hats and scrub sack!

Vicky D. - Huntsville, AL

My 40 yr old son, who has DD and has been bed bound for a year, loves your designer hospital gowns! He feels dressed up in them, and we tell him how handsome he is! :) Any chance that you'll have Size M in the Aloha, Rainbow Flowers, Hula Hut, or Surf's Up patterns in the near future? SORRY ALL SOLD OUT NO MORE FABRIC.
Suggestion: A telemetry pocket on the chest, with an opening inside to allow tubes to be pulled through. My son has a Gtube, and this pocket is quite useful on other hospital gowns. Your pocket is a tad bit small, and close to his chin.

I like the quality of your fabric, cloth and the sewing construction of the hospital gown. I need patient gowns that can withstand lots of washing! Your hospital gowns don't fray. And the size is really ample, without being enormous.

Hope to see those other patterns available in Medium soon! Thanks!

Roslyn H. - Fullerton, California

I am ordering these designer surgical caps for my sister who has breast cancer and will soon be losing her hair
due to chemotherapy treatment. She does not want to wear a wig.

Lois D. - Shakopee, Minnesota

Thanks for your great simple product the Stethoscope Covers , I have ordered like 10 StethoSocks in the past month for Firefighters I work with.
We love them!!

Stacey L. - USA

Thank you all for the rapid processing of my order. I look forward to receiving your surgical caps and putting each of the scrub caps to use. I am the Commander of a X man ( X women) Army Forward Surgical Team. We will be deploying to XXXX. We deploy with front line troops and set up operating rooms and an ICU to stabilize traumatic war wounds and perform life saving surgeries. I'm sure others on my team will want to order scrub caps when they see mine.

Commander, XXXth FST


I'm a Cardiac Surgeon in Brazil and I just received my order of two surgical scrub caps. Fast, efficient without added costs. Awesome !!! You guys are great !!! Congratulations and thank you !!!

Wilson B. F. - São Paulo, Brazil



I am having a unilateral mastectomy on August 27, and plan to bring in my own designer hospital gown... this one!
I was a high school activities director & I love Hawaiian shirt dress up days!!! This is my second bout with breast cancer... And I have type 1 diabetes and most of all, I am an Ironman triathlete! So, thanks for getting this to me before I have to go in!!!

MR - Denver, Colorado

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