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You guys are the best! I love your SCRUB hats! I just wish I could find some glow in the dark ones :(


Boo Ghosts


Benjamin C - Hudson, Florida

I already bought your designer surgical caps and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Lorne L - Sant Cugat, Spain

You guys are awesome, I absolutely will pass it on. Thanks! (2 surgical caps purchased)

Holy cow! Already got my surgical hats, they are great, that was amazingly fast!! Thank you for your awesome service, you guys have restored my faith in humanity and I will be telling my coworkers about you. Thanks again.

Barbara G. - Pensacola, FL

This was a fun and easy process- thank you! Clicked to Finish, YES.

Taylor B. - Galveston, Texas

Great surgical cap designs, fabrics nice to see some variety! Thank you

Latham MCG - Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

I am happy to say everyone loved the 175 Surgical Caps I ordered from you in June!!
I would like to get a quote for 150 Surgical Caps.

Jennifer  - Maple Grove, MN - USA
Boston Scientific - Advancing science for life (tm)

I received the designer surgical caps and would like to express my best compliments to your company and business efficiency. I would recommend your products and company to all of my colleagues.

Respectfully, Dr JI - General City Hospital Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Great stuff, this is the second lot of scrub hats I have got, they fit well are durable and a great selection. Thank you!

Daniel L. - WESTON, ACT -Australia

I realized that I ordered two of the same design SURGICAL CAPS on my previous order by accident.
I thought of returning the products, but decided I liked them and your services anyway, so I'll just keep them both.
Thank you for your shipping emails and communications! I'm a very satisfied customer!

Tomas L - Portland, Oregon

This is the third time I purchase your products, I was wondering if there is any kind of treat or
discount to reward my loyalty. Anyway, you have awesome products, surgical caps!

David T.G. - Madrid, Spain

 " The designer patient hospital gown is life. "

Ann - Atlanta, GA USA

I am a repeat customer. I Love your surgical caps. Timely shipping, Excellent quality material
100% cotton, comfortable wear, and even cap retains its appearance over several washes well.
Thanks keep up the good work!!!

Kevin D. - Sanford, Florida

I have been Purchasing these scrub caps for years and really appreciate the great product your provide!
As a veteran, I especially enjoy your great patriotic and military patterns! Thanks again :)

Joey - Sarasota, Florida

Love your products I have become rather a celebrity in the clean room.
Everyone wonders what surgical cap I'm going to wear for the day.

Jeffrey D - Hyde Park, Massachusetts

Thank you for your wonderful gowns! I bought one
for my grandmother who is in the hospital for
complications from alzheimer's and when I brought
the gown to her she smiled and responded like she
hadn't in a long time. It's about time someone did
something about those ugly gowns they give you in
the hospital. Keep up the wonderful work!
-Sincerely, Katherine

Excellent web site. My Mom is a stroke patient coming to the islands as her
'last wish' and these outfits will really please her! Mahalo!
Mary Beth, Hawaii USA

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Everything is just fine!

Great Idea!

My name is Josh. I go by "Sasha". I am an active hockey player and goalie.
As a goalie, I always had trouble with sweat running into my eyes. My mother
(Alma) had a DHG cap on during one of my practices. She asked if I would
like to wear it and I said YES! The DHG Surgical Cap felt really good and
comfortable. It felt as if I didn't have one at all. It absorbed the sweat
and kept it out of my eyes. I use two different DHG's Surgical Caps, one as
a goalie and one as a defenseman.I would recommend DHG's Surgical Cap to any athlete.
Josh "Sasha" (12 years old)

Joshua (Sasha - 17 years old) was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma on April 30th, 2005. Sasha has
undergone extensive treatments (Radiation & Chemo) over the past year battling the bone and tissue cancer.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of months his condition has rapidly declined. Sasha has left the hospital and is receiving hospice care. He is no longer undergoing treatment. There is nothing else the doctors can do, except ease the excruciating pain he is in.

Alma & Sasha together till the end, your the WarriorMom - Be Strong Sasha !

On Monday July 10, 2006 Joshua Sasha Young passed away peacefully after a year long battle with Ewing's Sarcoma. Wish you well Sasha on your journey.'s_sarcoma

Joshua Sasha Young - 11/27/87 - 7/10/06 , you can sleep now WARRIOR the battle is over...

My sister got her gown yesterday and as I expected, she was thrilled! She
said she even had to try the cap on to see what it would look like. In her words,
the set was just "too cute". Her hospital gown is going to create quite a stir.
Thanx, Cynthia

Hope your company will be more prosperous in the years. Thank You.
Kyeong, Seoul, South Korea

Thanks for your courtesy and help!

Thank you so much for brightening my mom's day with the beautiful gown. She
passed this morning, but she had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. I
thank you for the rush order and helping me make her last few hours so special.
Sincerely - Debra

I am a professional musician who happened to get one of your hospital
caps and let me tell you- I LOVE IT!! I actually ended up ordering
another one. I wear the caps on stage to keep the sweat out of my eyes
and keep the lights from fryin my head. Keep up the good work! I'm
sure I will be getting another one soon. I like the different styles!!
JB (pro drummer)

We checked out your site. Very cool! It's simple and has a lot of good

Thanks for the great customer service. 
I've already passed your website address on to four other people, 
including two who work at the Cancer Center here at the University of Virginia. 
I think your gowns will give almost everyone a smile.

I just ordered 3 of your Cowboy gowns to take on a medical mission to Peru 
in August and I think they will be perfect to give to people who come in for surgery! 

Ivanhoe Broadcast News (closed) – Medical News/Updates, “one of the best of the best!” 

Very beautiful caps! I have received the surgical caps. They are fantastic! 
Thanks for high velocity. Best Wishes,
Nico - Treviso, Italy

I was looking at the hospital gowns on your web site (which is awesome!) 
Thanks for your attention.

I received this hospital gown from my brother-in-law as a gift. I did not
realize how much I would appreciate the gown until I was in the hospital.
Even though I had a hospital gown on I still felt completely covered and
presentable. With everyone coming to see our new arrival and wanting to
take pictures I felt better about my appearance with the colorful gown.
Thank you for the alternative to the normal boring and see through hospital gowns.
Christyann and daughter Gabrielle 

Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and
chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award.

I just found your website and found it to be very impressive with a great deal of information. Thanks for a great site!
Patty - Mental Health Sanctuary

Love my last cap! Ordering my second. Thanks for making great caps in cool patterns.

Five Women on a Mission: A Journal 
Five women chosen from the Ivanhoe team have joined The Peruvian
American Medical Society (PAMS) for a medical mission to Abancay,
Peru. (closed website)

Peru Hospital Peru Hospital

Your hats and gowns are a hit with the doctors and patients.

In fact the medical mission was the brightest spot in the year and I still remember
how thrilled the Peruvians were with your gowns and hats! 
Thanks again for participating. I wish you a great 2001.

Why don't you join us on our next mission in 2 or 3 years?

They look like great gowns. Good luck with your business.

I love your product concept. Everything else on the market is so sterile.
Keep those new designs coming. I will pass on the word.
Backcountry Chiropractic, Oregon USA

Thanks so much for the gowns. 
I just know my patients are going to love them.
Give'em Health

I love your products.

You make a wonderful product. Surprised no one else in the world does what
 you do?
 Luv Lila

Love your web site. Really eye catching. I really like the vibrations. May
even purchase a gown for a friend. Good luck with your venture!

I think your gowns are unique and cheerful.


Congratulations. We like your web site so much that we've added it to the directory. 

Great web page and the e-mails with order data is a great idea.


It may seem like a high price to pay, but an evaluation provided by the
American Cancer Society supports Designer Hospital Gown's moto "Look Better,
Feel Better." The study, which appeared in vol. 12 1/2 of the 1994 Journal
of Psychosocial Oncology, found the correlation between appearance and mood
in breast cancer patients to be significant.
icanonline  Read the full story.


Disturbed by the bland, thin pastel blue gowns a loved one had to wear during a hospital
stay, the founder of this company decided human beings deserve better. Thus, Designer
Hospital Gowns started selling brightly patterned cotton gowns to help make a
potentially difficult time a little easier for patients and their families. The only way to
order gowns is through the Web site, but you can view full-color pictures and up-close
shots of each of the gowns. There are about a dozen patterns, and each one comes with
a matching surgical cap. 

Bottom line: Just because you're sick doesn't mean you can't be chic. 

report card AAAA

Thanks a lot, have a great day!

You have a nice website... It is easy to navigate, is straightforward, 
has good content, is easy to look at and is informative.

Dear DHG,
We received our order today only 5 days after placing it. 
We think that sort of service deserves the highest accolades, 
because here in the U.K. (England) we are not privileged to receive the same. 
We thank you and will recommend you to all our colleagues.

Love the caps!

We have seen you at a number of events and think your product is great!

I read your "story behind designer hospital gowns" on the web and it has
kind of snapped me out of the mechanical business attitude we carry all day.
cool, profitable, practical. Reading your observations made me realize how
much hope, life and energy can be added in an anxious, morbid environment
with colour and design. Becoming part of something as noble as distracting
those in pain from their misery can add the missing human element in
business and add a real reason for even expanding it. Hoping to make up for
some of the disappointment you have faced so far. After all we are all
humans across every border, we all laugh, all cry, all fall to sickness and
all die. We are in the same boat. Lets try to make the journey as safe and
hopeful as we can!
Shah - Faisalabad, Pakistan.

To Whom it may concern, I recently ordered 5 surgical hats. 
I want to thank you for your prompt response and rapid shipment. 
I ordered them for my step Mom and myself to use because we both have 
cancer and have no hair. I have been looking all over and these
are the best thing I have found. I have told several people where 
I get my treatments about them and you should consider emailing the
cancer society and getting connected with them. I have only had mine
a couple of days but truly love them. It is very difficult as a woman 
not having hair, you feel so self conscious but these have made it much easier. 
Thank You from the bottom of my heart. :o) 
Cindy, Arizona USA

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to assist me with my questions.
It's rare to find people willing to help! I am interested in the prospect of
having the gowns done myself, if the numbers make sense. If I can be of any
assistance in return, please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to
speaking with you again. Best Regards, Mike

Thank you for your prompt reply!
yours Brian, United Kingdom

Thanks so much for a speedy response!
I must say when 1st I ordered the hospital gowns I was skeptical about your company. 
Was this a scam? Did you really exist? Was I going to get the gowns? 
Well, it turns out you have an excellent service. 
The gowns are expensive but hopefully mom will be comfortable in them. Take care.
Maral, New Jersey USA

Thank you much for your support and help!

The package arrived as you said. Thank you! Unfortunately, my father passed
away. I will remember your great service and use it again in the future!
Thank you.

Thanks for all your help! 

Still great stuff!

DHG : 
Thank you so much for sending these hospital gowns to us when we most needed a lift. 
Even now that we face a future of doctor visits, 
testing and possible hospital stays - it brings a smile to know our daughter's 
hospital gowns will reflect her spirit - bright, cheery, fun, colorful and unique. 
You'll be proud! Thank you again.
Colleen & Caitlin, Long Beach California, U.S.A.

I am soooo impressed with your operation, and my editor is, too. 
-Bethany, Detroit MI. USA

I appreciate your attention to my needs. I am from NY
and just moved to TX. I am feeling rather detached from
home and want to express my "hometown" pride and
patriotism in light of the recent events. I am doing
this at work with my own collection of caps.
Should you run across anything that might interest me feel
free to let me know, thanks.

I visited your site recently and was very impressed by the products that you
offer. Your site is well done, easy to navigate and very professional.
Tomas, Italy

Thanks very much for your help and great service.

The surgical caps I purchased were for my son - I am sure he is going to be
delightfully surprised when he receives the caps. I was visiting him a
short time ago and he was showing me around the hospital. He opened his
locker and pulled out a leopard pattern surgical cap and said it was the
talk of the OR. It was then that I had an idea that when I got home I would
search the web to see if I could find surgical cap and VOILA I found you.
You were a good find! Thank you.

Just as an aside my wife is bed bound due to a number
of problems that I won't bother you with. Trying to find
something for her as a gift for Christmas has been a
real problem. She has about all the swanky bed stuff.
I just took a chance with my old friend GOOGLE
searched "hospital gowns", and found you #1. Now she can
shed the "GI" hospital gowns and feels a bit dressed up!

There is a surgical cap mania going on inside the Netherlands...
Eric, Netherlands

They arrived at my door this evening---sorry for the inconvenience-- YOU GUYS ARE GREAT TO DEAL WITH!!! :)
Tim, Calgary Canada

Your patient gowns are very sturdy and efficient. I appreciate sturdiness in
anything, especially functional clothes!

I have received the Surgical Caps today, and they are all in order.
I wish to commend you on the prompt and excellent delivery (7 days total).
Well done!!
Alon, MD - Jerusalem, Israel

I just got delivery of your surgical caps today...
That's about 5 days to the UK from ordering, they are brilliant and I'll be
the best looking scrub nurse in the O.R.! I'll tell my friends too!
Love from Caroline, United Kingdom

As I'm sure you know, you are the only folks doing anything like this.
We applaud your efforts!!!
Robert, Rhode Island USA

The surgical caps are very nice - I'd like to order a few more (esp. the
fish pattern), however, the US exchange hurts the Canadian pocketbook
these days as our dollar is so low against the US dollar. Thanks again - I
appreciate the follow-up; that is excellent customer service! kind regards,
Sue, Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA

Today I was working very hard to find a perfect gift for my brother who will
be having major surgery and has everything . Then I found your hospital
gowns and realized he didn't HAVE everything. These are absolutely perfect
and I can't wait for his to arrive. Why write a testimonial before it
arrives? Because I just received a personalized e-mail letting me when his
new gown would arrive and that it would include a message from me. Thank you
for being so considerate and eliminating one of many concerns one has when
dealing with a very difficult family medical problem. I will be sharing your
address and service with everyone I know in my address book. I bet I'm going
to receive many "thank yous" from friends when they find a way to give a
perfect gift when they need it most.
Most sincerely,
Carolyn, West Seneca, New York

I have just been exploring your website which is incredible.
Jose Luis, El Salvador, Central America

The package was delivered this morning. thanx for the great service.!
Barbara, Rishon LeZion, ISRAEL

Dear Sirs,
I am extremely pleased with the quality of your hospital gowns and the
rapidity with which you shipped them to me! I never expected to locate exactly what I wanted-but I did! Thanks again!
Sharon, Newbury, New Hampshire  

Loving gift: My two sisters and I just recently found out our mom has fast
moving adenocarcinoma, a type of lung cancer. Our mom has always dressed
beautifully, but now she only feels like wearing hospital gowns. We were so
happy to find your site and see the nice variety of fabrics offered. Mom
loves her gown - the "Love at Home" fabric. We just ordered a second gown,
the "Ceylon" fabric. I'm sure we'll be just as pleased with it. This is the
one of the last gifts we will be able to give her. Thank you for caring
enough to provide this great product!
David, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

They sure will make a total success at my anaestesia department here in
Sweden. Thank you very much.
Peter, Malmo Sweden

I just received the two surgical caps that I ordered and wanted to tell you
that I am very pleased. The quality seems excellent. Lots of times "one
size fits all" caps are really "one size fits small". I was pleased to find
that your's are generously sized to fit even big heads like mine! I'll
definitely be wearing mine when I'm at the gym or out riding my Harley.
Pete, Palos Hills Illinois

Greeting from Texas,
I just received my designer hospital gown, and I want to say thank you for
getting here so fast. I have an Aunt (Doris) who is 69 and in hospice care.
She has been there for a month now, but still keeps hanging on. My husband
and I visit every day. She is a very attractive women, and I know a month in
those ugly worn out gowns is enough to depress any one. I was going to go
buy a gown and cut the back out, but checked the internet first and there
you were. This gown is bright and cheerful, I can't wait to get to the
Hospice House today and get her fixed up. After I order it I thought about
getting here doctor a matching surgical cap. Sincerely,
Julie - Ft. Worth, Texas

Thank you, thank you. I have seen these wonderful surgical caps on ER, have
been trying to bring some glamour to the forensic pathology service in my
country... maybe this is the answer!!!
Dr. RDR, Potchefstroom Northwest Province, South Africa

As a female patient with a chronic lung condition, I am heartily tired of
having x-rays, CT's and mammograms wherein I am shoved into a too-small
man's shirt and forced to remove my bra and sit facing men in waiting rooms.
Or having to flap open in gowns that don't close properly, and having to
wrench my shoulders out of their sockets looking for the tape ties and
trying to tie them with arthritic hands. Bravo for wanting to give patients
a sense of dignity, as well as improve their spirits with nice prints. I was
recently hospitalized, and without my own gowns, I would have gone nuts.
Feeling helpless and old before one's time is bad enough, without the
depersonalization of gowns that are ugly and don't fit. Thank You!
-S.C.L., Gurnee, IL

This is a great site. I was pleased with the variety of patterns and quality
of the surgical caps I ordered. Everything was in stock and arrived quickly.
I even got a personalized thank you note.
MaryAnn, Boston, MA

Have been trying to order 3 surgical caps for a day. For whatever
reasons, my order would not go through (we narrowed it down to customer's
cable modem firewall code conflict - maybe). Made contact via e-mail and
telephone. Clifford called me back 3 times to assist with the processing of my order. He
went beyond the call and discussed all possible ways to fix the situation.
Well my order went through via the telephone conversation. I did receive the
e-mail to confirm the order, but it would not have happened without the help
from Clifford. This company will not have problems keeping a large customer
base, not only for the products, but for the most excellent customer
service. Got the caps, two days shipping, great; a very quality product.
Again thanks for all your assistance. Thanks again for all your support and
Mark, San Antonio, Texas

Cool Stuff...
Robin, DVM Durham, North Carolina

Thank you very much for making this GREAT product, keep it going!
Theresa, Katonah New York


Thank you so much for the 4 wonderful hospital gowns. My Mother appreciated them very much. 
Besty S., New York 

I'm an ENT-specialist in Malmö University Hospital in southern Sweden.
Some of my colleagues in the Anaesthesiology Dept have got some caps 
from you and I think they look great!
Mats - Dept of Otorhinolaryngology, Malmö University Hospital, Sweden

Thanks for your efforts.

I got the colorful surgical caps and we are all very pleased! 
They are really nice!! Thanks!! All the Best too!
Juliana - Malmoe, Sweden

As a huge fan of sushi, I simply had to have your
sushi scrub cap when I saw it. I always wear it to 
Osaka, which is the sushi buffet restaurant that I 
and my surgical group frequent. Needless to say the 
sushi scrub cap is a favorite there too and last 
Wednesday the owner came over and asked where I 
got my sushi scrub cap. Thanks for the fine products. 
I have also encouraged my 6 employees to order 
a sushi scrub cap and some of the girls are 
even interested. Sincerely,
Dr. T. McFaden
American Institute for Plastic Surgery - Dallas, TX

Thanks for my quick!!! I have had 30 surgeries 
and anything that picks up the spirits is great. I have 
another surgery on Aug. 14th for the left knee replacement... 
the right knee was on May 8th. I'm sure the staff with enjoy 
all the colors. I'm going to tease my orthopedic surgeon
into wearing the matching cap. I won't get lost that way. 
I'm a 68 year old Grandma of 8 grandsons (no girls yet)! 
Keep up the good work your hospital gowns are Wonderful!
Billie - Grayslake, Illinois

Thanks for the follow up info - I can't wait to see the surgical caps !
Ivana - Mapeth, New York

My daughter was pregnant with twins and was put on bedrest for two months,
six weeks of it in the hospital. She was connected to all kinds of tubes and
monitors and couldn't wear regular pajamas or gowns. I bought her two of
your hospital gowns for her birthday. When she opened them I wasn't sure
what she thought of them. She put one on the next morning after her shower
and looked cute and happy. She made her husband take one home to wash every
time she got to shower and wore the other. The only time I saw her in the
hospital's gowns was the day she gave birth (she didn't want to get her
gowns dirty). Hopefully she'll never have to wear them again but they
appear to have some sentimental value.

They were worth the price in entertainment value alone.Oh, and the babies
are both healthy, happy, boys.


By the way, I have seen your hospital gowns before and think they must 
be marvelous from the colour/print choices on the site. 
It sure would perk me up to have one of your hospital gowns while in hospital! 
Anthony L., Ontario Canada

Got the surgical caps yesterday (5 days total) ... really nice ... thanks a lot!
Hendrik - Blankenfelde, Germany

Thank you for your wonderful service.
Colleen - Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks for your quick reply. Look forward to
receiving my order and to seeing all the new
prints you're adding to your line in late September.
We'll be sure to tell our friends about your site.
Thank you!
Susan - Dallas, Texas

I had trouble ordering caps for m pre-Med nephew
because of the configuration of my computer...
DHG / Clifford went out of his way to assist me and
when I got the surgical caps they were even nicer 
than I'd hoped. My nephew is working in a lab at a
University Hospital and I'm sure everyone will get
a big kick out of his headgear---and order some for
Alana - Los Angeles, California 

My order for the Designer Hospital Gowns arrived yesterday and I just have
to tell you that I am not only amazed at how fast I got my order (2 days
from California to Texas) but also very pleased with the hospital gowns.
They are wonderful! Since suffering multiple strokes, my Dad has been
"spending lots of time in Hawaii". The Blue Palm gown and the Coral Fish
gown will go a long way in helping in him "dress the part". He will love them. 
Thanks so much for adding some fun to his life. I applaud your ingenuity, 
your compassion and your zeal!
Karen - Bay City, Texas

Add my name to those of happy customers. The surgical caps
are made of quality materials, the colors and patterns are
unique and the service was excellent! My two lighthouse
surgical caps arrived safe and sound. Thanks again for all
your help. "You get what you pay for!"
Tom - Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Thanks for the quick service. I purchased your surgical caps for my teenage
boys. They like the "do-rag" look underneath their hockey helmets. Your
product arrived VERY soon after ordered and look great. I'm sure my kids
will love receiving them as Christmas gifts. I don't know how much of your
business comes from outside the medical arena, but I bet your caps will be a
hit with the kids. Thanks,
Mark - Red Oak, Texas

Hello DHG,
Thank you very much for your fast and uncomplicated working my
order. I seldom had such a good service. I sure will tell my friends about
you - as I have the tip "" from friends at the clinic.
Bye then,
Ulrike - Berlin, Germany

Thanks 4 Stars Overnight!
Mira - Hartsdale, New York

Thank you so much!
Happy Holidays and I look forward to doing more
business with you in the future.
Jan - Long Beach, California

Dear -
Thanks so much for all your help with the hospital gowns for my Dad. I don't
know what we'll do with the free surgical caps, but maybe I can give them to
some hot-shot surgeon friend! all best,
Margaret - Washington, District of Columbia

Thanks for the prompt response and equally prompt delivery of goods and I
received exactly what I ordered and am very happy with my purchase. Thanks
M. Davis CST - Laguna Niguel, California

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I think you have a great thing
going here and wish you the best of luck....and I'll be sure to pass on
the word to others who might be interested. Again, thanks for your
reply.... and continued best wishes for great success!
Jan - Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Sirs,

I’m an anesthesiologist working at the Groningen University Hospital in the Netherlands. 
I was the first to introduce coloured caps in our ORs about a year ago and by now 
quite some colleagues and nurses are wearing them. Surgical
caps from Designer Hospital Gowns haven’t been ordered yet, I thought I had to test 
them first. So I ordered two. By accident I ticked the wrong shipping choice, 
USA only instead of International and sent the order. 
I am very pleased that you sent the caps anyway, and accepted this mistake. 
Thanks for this, and For the caps!

All the best to you!
Dr. George T.M. - Groningen, Netherlands
Our order of 50 surgical caps has arrived (3 days) - they look Great! 
The doctors will certainly enjoy them and they will add great fun 
to our golf outing which is in Puerto Rico in March.
Pam - Armac, Inc. - Wharton, New Jersey


The Surgical Caps arrived today (5 days delivery to Germany). Great stuff!
The Animal's surgical cap is already confiscated by the children...
Thanks for that perfect service.
Christian MD - Nuernberg, Germany

I never thought that what we wore to the hospital would play such a big part
in the birth of our first child, but thanks to, it was.
My wife was more than a little nervous as she checked into her room for the
upcoming delivery. The reaction that she received from the doctors and 
nurses really put her in a positive frame of mind. Several of her nurses and
even her OB doctor commented on the colorful style fabric and Velcro releases. 
Easy to work with, great design, unique fabrics and no hassle shipping,
I highly recommend Thanks.


Shawn, Aidan, Aristotle and Dominic - Long Beach, California,
You were so fast (3 days by US Priority Mail). It was greatly appreciated
and the 2 hospital gowns came at a time we needed a fun pick me up.
Sarah - New Orleans, Louisiana

I have a dear friend who has been in the hospital for 14 months and everyone
would like to see him in something a little more colorful. Thank you so
much. This is a wonderful service you provide!
Sandy - Tucson, Arizona :
Nice USA surgical cap prints!!
Jolene - Union Bridge, Maryland

To :
Sorry about the mixup in the surgical cap order for Wilmington Animal
Hospital. Just wanted you to know that in the meantime the order has 
been received by us. Thank you for your prompt attention to my email.
Jackie  Wilmington Animal Hospital  Wilmington, Delaware
Thank you so much for the quick custom surgical cap order, excellent job,
perfect color and they are Awesome!
Kristin - Mentor, Ohio
I have ordered several surgical caps from this company
and have had great results. The products that I have
purchased have been top quality and delivery is fast!
Gary - Elizabeth, Louisiana

First off, love your products. Bought caps for our roomie Dave.
Recently Dave bought some caps also and mentioned a few things I thought
I would pass along. He noticed someone at Houston Medical Center where
he works has caps specially made with velcro closure instead of ties (he
says because it is more manly, ...doctors!) He agreed velcro would be a
good idea and this should be passed along. Also your fine prints
should be made into regular unisex scrubs as well as gowns you already
carry. Also everyone keeps asking Dave where he gets the caps.
Christine & Dave - Katy, Texas

The surgical hats rock!!
All my colleagues are envious and my patients love them.
Please keep me posted of any new designs.
Aashish S. M.D. - League City, Texas

Hospital Gowns :
Thanks -- I got it fast and I like it!  Not in the testimonial business BUT
I will definitely tell any friends and recommend them as the occasion arises
because these aregood.
Anne P. - Austin,  Texas
Yes, the scrub caps were brought to me late on Friday. Thank you so much for
your concern. We will be ordering again. We have several girls that really
like the fabrics used in your surgeon caps.  Thanks again!
Becky - Richmond, Indiana

Scrub Caps:
I was very pleased with the first scrub cap I ordered and the snappy letterthat came with it!
Deborah - Longwood, Florida

When my colleagues (Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Vienna, aka Vienna)
saw me with my new surgical scrub caps, everybody wanted to have one.
So I printed out the scrub cap prints and here is now our collective order! Thanks.
Tatjana F. MD
Vienna, Austria Nice, very nice quality !
Doug - North Beach, Maryland

The caps are excellent and they arrived within THREE days of the order.
They were for a birthday present and I thought that there was no
way they would arrive on time but infact they were early.
Congratulations to everyone involved ! All the best and
I look forward to the new designs.
Phil - Warwickshire, United Kingdom :
Thanks - like the thinking and the products.
If you need any marketing help let us know.
Kevin - Alpharetta, Georgia

My Aunt is unable to walk at this time she is in an assisted living
facilities. Her Sister Rosa and myself was so very pleased with the
warmth in the print, Andriana Hospital Gown. This particular pattern
brightens up her sweet spirit and adds an up lifting aroma to her room.

Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!
Rosa & Sandra - Orlando, Florida

Designer Hospital Patient Gowns :
Thank you very much for your messages. I will definitely send a testimonial
as soon as my aunt receives them and uses them. I think she will love the hospital gowns!
She will definitely get the attention of all the doctors and nurses in Japan.

With much appreciation,
Margie, R.N.
Mountain View, California
Kawasaki, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Surgical Scrub Caps :
I want to thank you very much for your support , I will recommend your address, and the way you helped me to my friends and colleagues.

Reinhard S., M.D.
Vienna, Austria

I purchased seven (7) hospital gowns from you for my mother's
use. I was and remain very satisfied with my purchase.

Unfortunately, mother died in Sept.'02.

It seems a shame that something of the quality and design
that your hospital gowns are should be tossed out when they
are in virtually the same condition as when they arrived. If
you know of any person or organization who could use them
please let me know. Like I said before, these hospital gowns
are in exceedingly good condition.
Thank you

Hi :

Just as you said I got the package today (12th, August),
5 days delivery - great service and great scrub caps!
Thanks, we will be in touch...

Dr. Yair E.
Department of Surgery
Jerusalem, Israel

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