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Testimonials 2

Your site is fantastic! Wonderful and creative product
line that makes patients feel unique instead of ordinary!

I recently bought a patient gown and two surgical caps.
They are wonderful!
Dave - Tucson, Arizona

I read about your website in a Google! advertisement sent in the mail.
I think it is a very cool idea and will order a "surgical cap and hospital gown"
should I have a loved one in the hospital. It seems you have had some
interesting challenges along the way! Keep up the good work!

Tabatha - Hospice of Michigan, Detroit, MI

I got the surgical scrub caps from you.
Thanks for excellent transaction!

Yoshiaki - Tokyo, Japan via NYC, NY

Healing Well Website

Thanks for the support.

Von Dutch Surgical Cap in US Military ACTION, break it down drummer!

Camp Bondsteel Kosovo

Jon B. - Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

Hi, Postnet called me yesterday to let me know that the surgical scrub caps are in Miami, FL
already, so thank you very much for your concern and your honesty. I'm sure, I'll love them.

I will recommend you with my friends. Thanks again!

Luis,  Chía - Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America

Hospital Gowns:

I just ordered another designer hospital gown, "Aloha." I previously ordered the
"Kings Hwy" hospital gown for my husband who is undergoing cancer treatment - He loved it!

Laura - Laguna Niguel, California

Hello :

I finally got my scrub caps today! It took awhile but it was
worth it :) Thank you very much for your time and sorry if I
caused any inconvenience, but it wasn't my fault.
(The Greek Postal System is a little slower)

Thanks again!
FRAGISKOS - Larissa, Greece


We love the hospital gowns and surgical caps you have and wonder if you wouldn't make some scrubs.
We think it would be nice for the docs and nurses to wear cheery things like you have designed.
In any event, keep up the good work. There's not enough color in the world, and you sure are
doing your part to correct this.
Barbara - Houston, Texas

My son loves his surgical caps -- especially the one with the fish. He is an Army helicopter pilot
deployed to Iraq. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer on Sept 10. He was sent to Germany for
surgery and chemo treatment. I took your caps with me on my recent visit to Germany. His hair
came out the day before I arrived. He put the cap on and wore it the entire two weeks I was there.
The doctors and nurses and other cancer patients loved the caps too. Thanks for a fun and
practical product. Best wishes to you . . .

Delores - Mission Viejo, CA

We received the surgical caps ordered on Sunday (3 days deliver), and they're just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the prompt, professional service!

Judith - New York City, New York

Delighted with my new surgical caps even if senior nursing in theatre are less pleased.
It's a UK can't do anything's just not right. My first
camo hat was donated to a chap who told me it was just what he needed for his posting
to a field hospital in Basra. I couldn't refuse, even if it was a US temperate green
colour and no concealment at all. The new Desert Storm hat would have been ideal for him,
but it's pretty "cool" even in an OR in North Yorkshire. Very quick service. We are enjoying
a postal strike here and mail from London has taken much longer ! All I want now is a
Grateful Dead Skull and Roses hat. That'll really get me banned from surgery.
Best wishes
ENT Surgeon - James Cook University Hospital
Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Hi there! I LOVE your designs and think that others here at
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine would love them too!
Thanks so much for your time!

Karie - St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles

A year ago, I bought two hospital gowns for my husband to wear after back surgery.
He was the star of the hospital, and everyone wanted to know where I found the original hospital gowns.

Since Richard is a big guy, the XXL size worked very well and covered everything that needed to be covered. He didn't need a robe in the hallways, as the hospital gown preserved his dignity.
Richard is scheduled for two knee replacements in January and will be in the hospital for eight days.
I had to buy two more hospital gowns to enlarge his wardrobe.

Richard's brother borrowed his hospital gowns for his back surgery this fall and couldn't get over all
the comments he received. These hospital gowns will be rotated throughout the family whenever surgery
is indicated. Thanks for the fashion choice.

Linda - Salt Lake City, Utah

Your price for a surgical cap and the mailing is a tad more than your
competition, but well worth the price difference! You run a good shop out there. Great website and fast service andacknowledgement of my modest purchase. The Surgical Scrub Cap arrived today in the mail in 3 days EXCELLENT service. Thank you.

TPR - Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

Have used DHG several times now, prompt delivery (even to United Kingdom) all my
colleagues are happy with their purchases (via myself) satisfaction GUARANTEED.

Mark - Blaenrhondda Mid., Glamorgan, Cardiff,  United Kingdom

Thank you for a smooth transaction and a VERY FAST delivery. A+++
Peter - San Francisco, California

American service is renowned, but you have amazed me with the quick delivery
of my scrub caps: ordered Tuesday midday, arrived Saturday morning, brilliant! I am
really pleased with the appearance and quality too. There seems to be increasing
demand among anaesthetists to look more individual, so I will certainly recommend
you to my colleagues.

Best wishes,

John R. - Anaesthetist
Middlesbrough, England

I love your hospital gowns. I've been trying to find bright printed hospital gowns
for my mother who had a stroke in 1996 and has been bed ridden since. She is completely a
wake and aware of her surroundings, but is paralyzed on her right side and cannot speak
or communicate other than saying "yes" and moving her left hand. She has little joy in
her life in bed and she use to dress in bright prints and colors. Your gowns are perfect!!!


Merry Christmas! Thank you for the surgical caps. It was a great gift!
Thomas W., MD
Urology - University of Tuebingen - Tübingen, Germany

I had total left hip replacement surgery in December 2003 and breezed
through the operation and rehabbed in style in a hospital gown I pre-ordered
from Designer Hospital Gown!

Paul T. - Huntington, NY

Hello, I just wanted to compliment you on your product. I ordered one of each and
my surgery group is now using them as our theme. THANKS!

Mary - Greenwood, South Carolina

Thank you for your quick shipment. They are very nice. I got them on 12 Jan
2004. They fit well and look very cool, there will definitely be subsequent
orders in the future. Thanks again!

Dr. Jeff R. - Victoria, Texas

Thanks for all of you help. I will take the credit for the general code error.....
Mom always said that if you going to do something, do it right!! (HA-HA!)
Have a nice day!

Michael W. - Fresno, California

With apologies for the delay in getting in touch with you - I ordered 3 hospital gowns
from you last week (ON MONDAY) and they were delivered to my door a couple of days later,
on Thursday (United Kingdom) in fact. I am really delighted with them and so is my Dad who is in a
Residential Home. Recently he was quite ill and spent some time in hospital and for this
reason required a change of gowns. They are very comfortable and easy to put on and as
far as I am concerned easy to wash - a very important bonus. Many thanks for your swift
and efficient service and personal touch. It is very much appreciated and I would not
hesitate to recommend you where required. On an amusing note I ordered a calendar from
a local supplier on the same day (i.e. approx 5 miles from where I live) and I am still
waiting for it to be delivered - you managed to pack and send 3 gowns several thousand
miles away and the carrier delivered them to me within hours ! Such is life!
With all good wishes to everyone.

Krystyna Maria W. - Nottingham, United Kingdom


Thanks for the immediate delivering of these cool op caps. I'm a student
at the dentistry school in Basel, Switzerland. Me and my dear colleagues
are wearing the surgical caps in our patient boxes and everybody is already
now a fan of the caps!!!! So maybe you'll get soon more orders from Basel..!

Christian B. - Aarau, Switzerland

Thanks, these are great surgical hats, I will be ordering more soon!
Andrew - Kenilworth, United Kingdom


I received my 4 new surgical caps this morning, and I'm wearing the
Fiesta De Los Muertos cap as I type this (I'm an RN in the Orthopedics Dept!) =O)

Thanks again for your great product, and your quick and conscientious service!

I look forward to seeing your new designs and also the solids
if/when they become available!

I think a market you could target (in addition to healthcare) are bald men.
I recently (10/2003) shaved my head and a knit cap is sometimes too warm,
while a bandana is too hard to tie. And the standard "do rag" some people
wear is a bit *too* form fitting for my tastes.

So your caps are perfect for me whether I'm at work, or just hanging around
with friends. That's where solid colors would be great -- when I am of the job.

If it is OK with you, I'll post some pics of myself wearing my caps on the
bald discussion group I am a part of -- and tell people to eMail you if
they would like a solid color version. Cheers!

Keith - Stanford, California

Love your products!
Reesie P., RN - Midland, Texas
Great Surgical Cap patterns!
Dr. D.G.D. MD. - Silver Spring, Maryland

UPDATE : We've now clocked in over 20,000 procedures with well under 200 of your
designer hospital gowns, but we need more!

These designer hospital gowns have really lasted better than either of us anticipated. Very little fading
and the designer patient gowns still look great even when faded a little. We are doing 100 cases per week so hospital gowns get washed at least weekly since 2004.

You are doing a great thing for patients. You could make more money selling
ugly cheap gowns...This should hold us until the ramp up in the summer. Thank
you for your help AND for making a product that speaks volumes to caring about
patients. By the way my wife's fav is Postcards and mine I think is King's Highway.

We just opened a new type of Ambulatory Surgery Center- we designed everything
placing patient needs and comfort first. The result was a relaxing tropical
wellness center in the middle of Massachusetts.

We use a variety of tropical print DHG gowns- the patients love them. They get
softer with each wash and haven't shown any sign of fading. Patients know you
have put them first as soon as they don their tropical gown.

Thanks again.

Well DHG the center is open now and as expected your Hawaiian style pt
gowns have been a big hit on the patient satisfaction surveys. And
they get softer with each washing. It will be June or July before we
ramp up to 100 cases per week and need more gowns. Thanks again. Feel
free to post this in case others who are considering a larger venture
like ours want only the best for their patients.

Elliot F. MD
CMAEC - Leominster, Massachusetts
I´ve already used my tropical fish bouffant hat and it was a tremendous
success! Would you guys consider the idea of print a surgical hat with
those wonderful prints but in that disposable hats we use in the Operating Room?
Thanks again!

Elizabeth S. -
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Surgical Caps:
Best selection - thanks !
Robert O., MD Pediatric Surgery - Little Rock, Arkansas

Hospital Gowns:
Thank you for responding to my inquiry so quickly. I was given a Designer Hospital Gown
of yours several years ago and it made quite a hit at the hospital. Unfortunately,
I wasn't feeling well enough to take any orders, but I could have! Great product;
great fun for not so pleasant an experience. Was glad to see you are still in business,
(5 years) now with more colorful prints...

Iris D., Esq. - New York New York

Thanks for your e-mail. Today the surgical caps arrived in Germany(5 days).
They´re great. We´re a lot of nurses in the operating room in Nuernberg.
A few weeks ago, I searched the web to find someone who sells this surgical caps,
I´m glad I found you. Many of our nurses want to have this scrub caps,
so I ordered today again. We´ll make some pictures with the caps and send them.
Thank you again!

Best wishes,
Dr. Michael W. - Nuernberg, Germany

I really liked the Tattoo design of the scrub cap. Thanks so much for making
such a great product!!! I'm an acupuncture student getting ready to start my
practice and dreaded having to purchase those HORRIBLE hospital gowns when
I'm not working in a hospital.
Mica J.

Thank You, Nice! :)
Matt L. - Soldier, Kansas

Thanks! Ordering and the website were easy and fun...good job!
Janet O. - North Kingstown, Rhode Island

The Scrub Caps arrived today. Wow! That was fast!(4 days delivery to the UK) They're great.

I'll get a photo arranged and shipped off to you via e-mail in the next few days.

Dr. Richard H.
The Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

These are great caps. 
Craig C. - Silver Spring, Maryland

I'm very excited about your products! 4 Designer Hospital Gowns purchased.
The hospital gowns are terrific! We want four more designer hospital gowns!

Kim & Jean S. - Ormand Beach, Florida

I love these bouffant hats! I am the cook for a small Catholic School, and
I have student volunteers who help serve lunch. These are MUCH better than
regular hairnets! My kids will LOVE these!! What a great product you have!

Patricia - Cuba, Missouri

Hello, this time not in your national language. But mvchte nevertheless I you thanks
say.The Kdppis is clear a mad idea and heitern the working climate up. Also the completion
of the order and the prompt supply are outstanding. Again and remains for thanks in such a way!!

Hello, this time not in your national language. But nevertheless I want to say - thank you!!
The Caps is a clear idea and they make fun also in the working climate.
Also the completion of the order and the fast supply is perfect.
Keep on at this way!!

Gerold S. - Urologie Bad Godesberg, Germany

I received two of your surgical caps as a gift and I really like them!
My wife is an anesthetist and I'm a student anesthetist. It is nice to
not wear the same old paper caps out of the box that everybody else does.

Jeff G.

Surgical Caps Very, very big success in our children hospital!
Serge L. MD - Hopital d'Enfants, Vandoeuvre, France


The scrub caps and bouffant hats have reached me complete & in perfect condition.
Thx a lot! Best regards.

Rainer S. MD - Ruesselsheim, Germany

So glad I found this site! 4 hospital gowns purchased.

Melissa L. - Napoleon, Ohio

I got the package yesterday. Thanks for the prompt service!
(2 days delivery via Priority Mail)

S.D.M. - Mercer HR Consulting, Cleveland, Ohio

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your web site is and
I love the variety of patterns.

Elaine - Canada

Dear DHG, today (12 days delivery) I receive your 26 surgical caps. Thank your kind attention.
As soon as possible we'll order again. Yours sincerely,

Dr. Fabio R.
Ospedale S. Giovanni Battista
Divisione Chirurgia Maxillo Facciale
Torino, Italy

Dear DHG,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my scrub hats. As I am sure you know,
going into an operating room as a patient can be very scary, especially for children.
The great prints and colors allow me to strike up a conversation with the kids and
this allows me to make them forget about the fact that they are about to have surgery.
For this I am truly grateful. I also like that fact that even on long cases,
my head does not get itchy or hot. Thank you.

Anthony H. CST
Pasadena, California

Thanks for shipping the surgical caps to Japan. The doctor received the gift last week, great (7 days).

Thanks, Yuko - Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Hi I work for St.Johns Hospital in Yonkers, NY as a OR tech and I have
got tons of complements on my scrub caps and they are very conformable...

I love the caps and will order more on Friday thanks...

Tyrone P. - Yonkers, New York

Thanks! They look great! Can't wait to soil them with surgical gunk!
Better that than my hair! Just kidding; they are very cool.

Mark M., MS, DDS, PC - Livonia, Michigan

Placed an order with you on 25th June for delivery to the UK - arrived
on the morning of the 29th so early the postman woke me up! 4 days for
delivery - excellent work and the surgical caps are fine. They have been
a great topic of conversation in the operating theatre.

Mr. Chris J. C.
West Bromwich, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Thank you for catching and correcting the error with regards to the billing
and shipping addresses. Just as you should not drink and drive, perhaps shopping
and drinking should also not be advised!

Thanks for creating colorful hospital gowns for those in need. My best friend suffered from a
brain aneurism and was forced to where a drab gowns. Not anymore, thanks to your products.
Thanks again!

Wendy G. - Scottsdale, Arizona

Very excited about this website. I work a lot of on-call in ultrasound and
getting up in the middle of the night is no time to be concerned about fixing
your hair. The surgical caps are right on time and the selection of prints if GREAT!!!

Stephanie P. - Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Jon B. -  Al Fez Palace Baghdad, Iraq

Jon B. with the U.S. troops in USO Action.

Al Fez Palace - Baghdad, Iraq

This is for a preterm stay in labor and delivery. I am pregnant with twins
and before pregnancy was 110lb. I have gained 35 but mostly it is my belly
that is big. Just want to be sure that I chose the right size. I think
the L is the best bet but please let me know if you disagree. I look forward
to receiving this gown. One of the worst parts of my last stay in the
hospital was the gown. They had me in a nursing gown with open breast
flaps although I was not delivering. Not to mention the ties that were
hard to close in the back often left my bum just hanging out. Ugh! My Dr.
anticipates another stay or two before I deliver so I thought this would
be a good investment. Hope the matching cap is small enough for my head!
It will hide my hair that gets so yucky and unwashed in the hospital!

Wow, that was fast, what great service! Thanks so much! I look forward
to a bare bum free next trip to the hospital.

Kristie S. - Jacksonville, Florida

I received my sushi bouffant hat today and I love it -- solid construction --
that's why I'm ordering more, for variety. I think that some bolder prints
should be added to the bouffant line, some of us girls aren't all about
flowers -- some of us like race cars and camouflage too. Thanks.

Lynna C. - New York, New York

Love this site!
Kimberly M. - Parsippany, New Jersey

Dear Sir or Madame,
Today I got your product package. And I want to tell you my opinion: beautifulsurgical caps!

And Top Service!Thanks and best wishes.

K. Klippert - Amsterdam 

Thank you!
Dr. Emily R. - NYC,  New York

My surgical cap arrived safe and sound. Thank you.
TPR - Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

These hospital gowns look like a Godsend. My husband is in the end stages of
metastasis lung cancer and as of a few days ago will not be able to get out
of bed much, if at all. Thank you for designing and making available these
cheerful and practical garments.

Glenanna & Stanley K. - PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida

Wonderful surgical caps!!! In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro we are now, after my introduction,
starting using untraditional caps in the OR. The ones I've bought from
are a real success plus comfortable, light, last forever. I really love them.

Elizabeth S. - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thank you for the quick service and extra scrub caps!
Donna R. - Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Thank you very much for creating your surgical caps..
greetings... happy holidays..

Pablo A. - Mexico City Distrito Federal, Mexico

I have ordered previously, and have had many comments about the surgical caps. 
All of the comments were "how great the caps looked".

Reno C. - Watertown, Connecticut

The Camouflage Scrub Cap goes on the road to Kosovo and Sarajevo with the USO.

Jon B. - Los Angeles, California

Thank You!
I was new shopping with your company and I am sure I will place another order
in the near future. My item was shipped and received in a timely manner, and
it was just as great as shown on the website, Thanks again!

Melissa C.V. - West Alexander, Pennsylvania

Nice stuff, please do more!

Maurice D. - Danville, Pennsylvania

I have never been a fan of Hospital Gowns or Scrub Hats until just recently when
I discover Designs are OUTSTANDING and my 5 favorites are Butterflies,
Rosaria, Tropical Indigo, Coral Fish and Kon-Tiki. I highly recommend these beautiful
Hospital Gowns and Scrub Hats to be in use at Outpatient Surgery Centers. This would
bring a cheerful atmosphere to Patients before they head to the Operating Room.

Dan R. - West Chicago, IL

Thank you! I am so happy to have found this website. My 29 yr old sister-in-law had a stroke,
and I cannot bear to see her in those boring drab gowns. She is so young and this gown will
make her feel better. I would love to order more, but would love a wider variety of patterns.
Thank you again!

Kelly S. - Dallas, Texas

I can't believe how fast my order came through,and I get so many compliments on the,
Scrub Caps I really have to hand it to "Designer Hospital Gowns & Surgical Caps" I
am Impressed with your service. Thanks.

John M.T. - Carmichael, California

You have excellent prints for the fabrics!!  :)

Aerin M., RN - Shoreline, Washington

These Designer Hospital Gowns are OUTSTANDING and so are the Bouffant Hats too.
This would be My #1 choice if I were ever in for Outpatient Surgery just in case.

Eldra R. - West Chicago, Illinois

LOVE your gowns. Thank you for making these available.
I am facing major surgery in the near future.

Antoinette V.

Dear DHG,
I love your prints! You have the best prints of any surgical cap site that I have seen.

I am a Surgical Technologist in our U. S. Navy. I just received my order in the mail today.
I had opened the package to find my surgical cap and another. I thought there was a mistake,
so looked at the invoice to find you had added a crazy cap for my serving in our Armed Forces.
I really appreciate the gift! I like that one better than the one I ordered! Once again,
thank you. You guys make us want to serve on the worst days.
HNGrogan  -  USNH FPO  AE

I really like these Design Gowns and Bouffant Hats. They are by far much better then the ordinary
and boring Hospital Gowns and Hats. My 5 favorite designs are Butterflies, Rosaria,Tropical Indigo,
Coral Fish and Kon-Tiki. These beautiful designed Gowns and Hats would be especially perfect for
Outpatient Surgery Facilities and would bring a positive atmosphere for Patients on the day they
get Operated on. In the future would you please have a Kon-Tiki Bouffant Hat in stock.
Keep up the Excellent of Your Business.

Dan - West Chicago, IL

Dear DHG,
Thanks very much for your efforts. The hospital gown arrived today and
in time for my dad and it made him laugh.Thanks again.

Teresa S.- Madison, Wisconsin

Designer Hospital Gowns. Great idea to cheer everyone up.

Diana G. - New York, New York

I'm very satisfied with products/shipping/...keep on!
When I can arrange a picture with all our staff I'll send it to you.

Christoph P. - Berne, Switzerland

Wonderful! ;-)

Luca M. - Rome, Italy

I just received my surgical caps and I am so pleased! I had surgery a few
days ago and was nervous about going back to work without some coverage
during the healing process. I asked for the fasted shipping method and I
received my caps the next day. Thank you so much for your great service!
It will make my first days back to work a lot easier. Not to mention they
are very cute!

Jenifer R. - Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Thanks for sending it out the shipment so quickly. I hope they inspire the
person they are being bought for... A person who's just had her hip replaced.
Cross your fingers. Good luck with your business!

Rhana C. - Raymore, Missouri

My mother has just been diagnosed with incurable mesothelioma and really
needs a nice hospital gown that is void of both snaps and ties that hurt when you
roll over on them. I saw these hospital gowns and just had to order one for her!
She'll be going to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in about a week and I
want to ensure this gets to her in time for her to pack it in her suitcase. Thanks!!!

Melissa H. - Picayune, Mississippi


It's not usual that I take time to write to give a positive feedback, to be
honestly normally I do if I have a complain.

Not this time; I just received today a Cat's Meow surgical cap, and I have
to write to tell that it surpassed my expectations.

I wasn't so sure to buy it through the internet, because many times the
quality might differ from what you see advertised, and the delivery may be
slow. I took the chance and I'm extremely excited about the quality and the prompt
delivery (just 6 days).

My daughter who is in med school in Chile (I'm sending it tomorrow, all the
way to Chile), will be delighted! I'm sure that soon I will be ordering
some more.

Thanks so much for your professionalism, it's refreshing to every now and
then, have to write an email to just express satisfaction. Good luck.

Thanks a lot. The medical residents love this gear.

John K., MD - Atlanta, Georgia

Dear ,
You are the best!  I picked up my package from you today at the post office.
Thanks you for your diligence and consideration in this matter.
Nancy H. - Lufkin, Texas

Dear Designer Hospital Gowns,

I have been asked by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to conduct research on the design of hospital gowns. Your testimonials offered a great understanding of what is lacking in other hospital gowns and why your patient gowns are superior.

In addition to research on the style and function of hospital gowns, I will also explore how systems could be developed to make better hospital gowns an accepted part of hospital purchasing. While some individuals can find your website and purchase your hospital gowns, the hospital gowns should be available to all hospital patients. I've analyzed all of your websites! Great work...thanks,

A.L. Ph.D.
Harvard School of Public Health - Boston, MA

You'll be glad to know that my friend in Birmingham, England received his NYC Jazz surgeon's cap
today (5 days shipping), and he said it made his day!! We are both Non Hodgkin's lymphoma patients,
but unfortunately he has suffered a relapse and is presently under quite a bit of stress from the
chemo, and is losing his hair to boot.He's a jazz musician, among other things, and the cap was
just the thing to brighten his life a bit.. Thanks!!

John O. - Birmingham, United Kingdom
Martha A.K. - Chapin, South Carolina

You're the best! Thank you for quick response on this order of 75 scrub caps. We look forward to working
again with you in the near future. Hopefully, not such a RUSH next time. Thanks again.

Kathy F. - Memphis, Tennessee

Very cool! Your delivery arrived on Friday, one day ahead of your estimate (3 days). I am pleased
with both of the StethoSocks - I think I lean more to the "cow spots" now that I have both
in hand, but the "flame" pattern is cool too!

Thanks for enclosing the business card...I'll paste it on my locker in the ED. Our docs are
really boring, maybe I can bring some life into the, I mean hospital.

Yours, John C. - Thompsontown, Pennsylvania

Today I've got my 7 ordered caps. Poor old Germany ! Its the well known good quality of the caps!
Thank you. Next time in the US I try to see you in place to say "Thank you" personally.
Kind regards!

Michael K. - Forchheim, Germany

Your Welcome,
We are getting ready for Cow Appreciation Day which is July 16th this year.
If we get some good photos I will send them along. What terrific service!

Cheers, Mark - Cabot Creamery, Montpelier, Vermont

Thankyou so much. I do appreciate your reply. Have a wonderful day.

Regards, Beth

Great, thank you.
Eli S.  -  New York, New York

We are working at the Sunderby Sjukhus op, We are from Sweden a pretty large hospital in the north.
We looked at your homepage and found your nice surgical caps. I presume after we get the caps some
more people wants to order from you so you can look at this as pure promotion for your company :-)
Looking forward.

Regards Inga-Lill S. - Sodra Sunderbyn, Sweden

This is my second order this year. I know that shipping times are long (ITALY), but your surgical caps
are really beautiful. Now I've bought some for my friends. Are you going to make other prints? Yes.

Maurizio S. - Mossa (GO), Italy

Recently I received two great bouffant caps from your company that I was going
to have to return due to the ill fit on my large head. However I did find a friend
in my surgery dept. who also loved the bouffant caps and so I gave them to her and
no longer need to return them to you. So, thank you and have a great summer!

Margaret H. S. - Sonoma, California

My name is Dr. Dejan R. and today I have received surgical cap ordered 13th of August.
I just want to inform you about delivery time for Serbia & Montenegroo (around 10 days).
Thank you very much for another free crazy cap.Best regards from Belgrade!

Dr. Dejan R., MD, Ph.D
Center for Emergency Surgery
Emergency Center, Clinical Center of Serbia
School Of Medicine, University of Belgrade
2 Pasteur Street, Belgrade, Serbia & Montenego

It's arrived. All is ok! I will send you a comment with a photo (now I have 4 of yours surgical cap :-)
Matteo F. - Roma, Italy

Thank you so much! The sushi surgical cap was delivered, and our son absolutely loves it.
Thank you for all your efforts in tracking down this order and following through. It is
very much appreciated. Cynthia S.

Hi---my sister has survived cancer 3 times (thank you God!)...but I wish I
had seen your website while she was "suffering" through the hospital visits!
What a wonderful idea you have come up with and pursued!! I LOVE to see
people "see" a need, and then run with it. I am sure you are blessed in many
ways, giving people dignity and self esteem, as well as great conversation pieces!


I love your surgical caps. Your scrub caps are the best out there and I will not buy from
another. If you could let me know if you can do other prints that would be GREAT!!!! Thank You.

Robert S. - Gaithersburg, Maryland :
It is amazing the quality and I love the cheerful prints - Thank you - quality and prints are wonderful....

Kim J. - Westfield, Massachusetts

Hospital Gowns received Tuesday, 4-Oct-05. My wife, who is under hospice care, is enjoying them.
Thanks for your help.Regards,

Bill - Pensacola, Florida

My mom always wore bright bold colors before she had her stroke 9 years ago. Now that
she's partially paralyzed and in bed all the time, she has had to wear open back gowns
for various reasons. I was so glad to find in my search for something
more than the drab, ugly hospital gowns that the nursing home has. Now she has four bold
pretty hospital gowns. I had her name monogrammed on them in matching colors and she LOVES them.
They hold up great in the hot water washes that the nursing home uses and after many washes
still are bright and vibrant.

I just purchased 5 more gowns for her and cannot wait to see them!! I hope to see more prints soon in her size!!

Keep up the great work, these are great gowns, wear great and give alot of self esteem and brighter spirits to
those who are bed bound and have to wear hospital gowns every day. I truly feel when my mom wears her gowns
she feels better and is happier.


Cathy G., - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thanks! The Scrub Caps are becoming quite a collector's item among our faculty.

Margie H.  - Memphis, Tennessee

Love and Hope Melissa & Dylan xoxo

Angelina Jolie & Nicole Kidman supporting Dylan. :
Last batch went down a storm, now everybody wants one (scrub cap)! Thanks.

George P. - Avalon Veterinary Clinic
MILNGAVIE, United Kingdom

Thanks !

Lisa F.
Emergency Department Unit Manager, Blount Memorial Hospital

I received my order Thursday. The scrub caps are great!!
Thanks for sending out a replacement order. Happy Holidays,

Colleen p. -

Very nice products. Congratulations.

Afshin G. M.D.
University Hospital of Strasbourg, Strasbourg,  France

Love your site, I am anxious to receive your product!!

Elizabeth w. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Good service !

Frank J.

Thank you very much for the quick shipment of my stethoscope covers! I received them today (3 days).
My co-workers will ask about them and I will be sure to tell them where I found them! Thanks!

Jami H. - Mission Viejo, California - great service despite the power outage. Thanks!

Bunker M. - Birmingham, Alabama

I am the 24/7 live-in Caregiver of a 100% bed bound blind woman with dementia. I know that description
of her makes her life sound bleak, but I have dipped deep into the Well of Creativity to make her life
happy and serene. Whereas when I first came she screamed bloody murder, ripped her disposable underwear
into tiny pieces, etc. I adore her.

At any rate, I ordered one of your hospital gowns for Valdene a couple weeks ago, and I adore it. Thank You SO MUCH for the great service you are offering! I appreciate the service you are offering very much.

Kate S.

Hi, Thanks! Received the surgical caps during the week (7 days delivery) and absolutely love them!!
Please keep me updated on your sales, specials, etc. Regards,

Lindy D. - Essenwood, Durban, South Africa

Thank you for your prompt reply to my enquiry about Kenyan hospital gowns. I appreciate your suggestions and will follow up. I enjoy your Web site. It's human and has some personality.

Mary S.
The Kenya School Project
Menasha, WI

I've Ordered with you before and I'm very Happy with your service, I would like to state that
"The Scrub Caps stay brite in color if you, wash in cold water and hang Dry". I have been very happy
with this, "Procedure". I've taken the liberty and passed out your Business cards around the
hospital and to Friends so you should get a kick out of that., Thanks again....

John M. T., M.D.
Carmichael, California

As ALWAYS great products and of equal importance great service.

Yair E. MD - Jerusalem, Israel

I liked the first two scrub caps you sent so much, I'm getting two more caps. Thanks,

Jeff P., MD - Pfafftown, North Carolina

Thank you SO much for offering these: I am scheduled for surgery for a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder,
and am NOT looking forward to it. At least your (my) beautiful hospital gown will brighten things up!

Cynthia B. - Swampscott, MA

2nd order for me. Love the sushi scrub cap.

Jonathan S. - Aurora, Colorado

You have the best hospital gowns we have ever encountered.

Kenneth R. G. - Tujunga, California

I ordered four surgical caps from you they are really cool I sold three scrub caps to my work mates. Thanks!

Malcolm W. - Point Lonsdale,
Victoria, Australia

Great work on the scrub caps - keep coming with the great new selections. Thanks again!

Dr. Robert O. - Pediatric Surgeon - Norfolk, Virginia

These are the best quality scrub caps I've seen. I receive lots of compliments.

AMH - Houston, Texas

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