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Testimonials 3

Three designer Scrub Caps delivered. Thank you for your help!

Thomas H. H. DMD - Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

What ever happened to the Maru Kanji print,(SORRY SOLD OUT) that was my favorite print to wear at work
until I had to discard it due to bio-hazard waste (blood and other nasty stuff) let me know if it is still available
even thou I don't see it on the web site

Thanks for making the best scrub caps its all I will buy...

ROBERT S. - Gaithersburg, Maryland

We love the idea of your up-beat, colourful prints...

Yvonne H. - GEELONG, Victoria,  Australia

I have many friends in the hospital industry, I will share your product info with them.
I think it is a wonderful idea. I love the fabric! They arrived and they are perfect.  Thanks so much.

Judith A. - Elma, New York

Thanks for the prompt delivery of my purchases (scrub caps). I am very impressed with the quality.

Dr. Adam H. - Westmead & Affiliated Hospitals, Penrith, NSW, Australia

The SCRUB Caps look great, thank you for the speedy delivery...

Derrick S. - Maspeth New York

Thank you for your interest. I received my order, scrub caps today and it looks
like I will order some more in a few days. Best wishes!

Dr. Alp Özgün Börcek
- Gazi University Medical School Department of Neurosurgery,  Ankara,  Turkey

This is my 2nd order of surgical caps and working in a patient setting these are great!

Liz K. - Madison, Wisconsin

I own a restaurant and have had problems getting my staff to wear hats or hair nets.
I tried your scrub caps and the staff loves them. They are the new look for my bar and grill.
Can't wait for more prints. Thank you!

Karen A.
Landing Lights LLC - Valdez, Alaska

Hey nice selection of new prints (over 20 added)!

Michael W. - Clovis, California

Please ship ASAP it's a gift for July 5th Thanks. I always enjoy ordering from you. (delivered 3 days)

Elizabeth W. - Sparks, Nevada

I have worn your scrub hats for the last year, and have received wonderful
compliments on the bold designs and nice fit. Thanks for the great service,
I am happily awaiting my next shipment.

Craig C.,  CRNA - Halethorpe, Maryland - website salutes men in the nursing profession

Craig's Profile on RNMEN.COM

Tattoo and Coastal Fish Surgical Scrub Caps



I've been delighted with the scrub caps I've bought from you before. I've had lots of positive comments
from staff at my hospital. The patients like them too. I think they make me more personal to them, gives
them something to think about and makes them smile. Attractive, interesting and individual. They're very
well made too. Keep up the good work. I particularly like your bandana designs, especially the Bandana Squares.
Patients have told me I look like Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean". Quite a compliment! More like
this would be great. Cheers, Dave E

Mr. David Paul E. - Ilfracombe, Devon, United Kingdom

Wonderful selection of Hospital Gown Prints / designs. thank you.

Cindy R. - Owning Mills, Maryland

It was a great service earlier ! I've got your scrub caps! Good deal man!Thanks a lot!Salut!

Viktor M. - City Hospital - Norilsk, Russia

I received the SCRUB caps – excellent job !!!
Best regards

Dragos Z.  - Bucharest, Romania

I can't believe how quickly the stethosock arrive! I love the print--just wish you also sold scrub tops to match! Thanks!
Danette B. - Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi, received hospital gown yesterday, really seems to lift my Daddy's spirits! Thanks - have a great weekend!

Lynne C. - Greensboro, North Carolina

Wow, Ordered my Surgical Caps last night and received them within less than 24 hrs. I have ordered from you in
the past and know that I will get a lot of use out of my new Scrub caps in the OR at Panorama City Kaiser. Thanks.

Jeffrey B. - Corona, California


RICHARD M. - St. Petersburg, Florida


Troy G. - Fayette Memorial Hospital - Connersville, Indiana

Great products. I am a physician and you have a very comfortable hat….nice material. Excellent shipping and service.

Dr. Ronald J.
Royse City Medical / Tri-County Pain Management Centre - Royse City, Texas

Great Selection! Now how about more choices? ( StethoSocks in over 150 prints ready to go today )

David G. - Boynton Beach, Florida

Natural Health Journals  Editor's Choice Award to website

I'm having Brain Surgery on October 5th, 2006 and a friend suggested these caps and this web site. They look great
and I'm actually excited for the first time about having no hair (okay, maybe not excited, but you get the idea).
Can't wait to see them!

I am so happy to have found your website I'm having my head shaved on October 3rd
for brain surgery on October 5th. Rather than having the hospital cut my hair I am having a friend
do it so that I can donate it to Locks of Love. I might be bald a of couple days sooner than necessary
but a child will get to go to school with hair and I get to wear these incredibly cool caps!!! thanks
so much for your prompt attention to my order and keep doing what you do! Sending love,


Laura H.K. - Campbell, New York

Thank you very much for your good products. Here in Turkey most of the surgeons loved your work.
More interestingly one of the local newspapers made an interview with me about the scrub caps that
I use during the surgery. Best wishes.

Dr. Alp Ö.B. - Ankara, Turkey
Gazi Üniversitesi Beyin ve Sinir Cerrahisi Anabilim Dalý
(Gazi University Medical School Department of Neurosurgery)

Hi  hospital gowns dot com :

I am a cancer patient who spends FAR too much time in the hospital. I think your hospital gowns will be very cheery.
BUT I'm going in the hospital on Wed. Nov. 8 and I'm afraid they won't be here by then.

Can we do that? YES - ( 3 designer hospital gowns OVERNIGHTED by 1:00 PM Tomorrow)

They are so happy and colorful -- And I spend way too much time in hospital.  Thanks for your help!

Hi -- I just wanted to thank you for the zippy fast shipping on my hospital gowns. I dealt with Cliff
and he was very friendly and helpful. I have chronic cancer and spend WAY too much time in hospitals.
But this time, I know I will feel happier in my own tropically printed gowns.

One of the first things you have to do in our medical system is to hold on to as much of your own independence
as possible. Wearing my own gowns that reflect my personality is a positive step in that direction.
Thank you again.

Linda Jo P. - Treasure Island, Florida,

I'm an Anesthesia resident at Mass General Hospital and have had several people comment on the Martini surgical cap I purchased from you last year. I'll be sure to spread the word. You have a great product. I look forward to future scrub prints. As a suggestion, I believe that more "Pediatric friendly" prints would sell very well. Thanks.


I just received my scrub caps today and love them. Thank you for throwing in a free "crazy cap". I will
be sure to post your flyer in the most visible location of the Massachusetts General Hospital OR. You
have a great product and I'm happy to spread the word. Thanks again.

Dr. Kurt D. - Boston, Massachusetts

Love your scrub hats.

Bryan C. - Holy Cross Hospital - Chicago, Illinois

Thanks for your reply. I'm the confused one. You are 100% correct that I ordered the coral fish hospital gown.
It was waiting in my mailbox when I got home from work last night! That was wonderfully expedient! And, I love
the fish pattern. It is my fingers' fault that I designated other than what my mind was choosing. Am happy
though with the Coral Fish Hospital Gown. Thanks so much. It is really a lovely gown. And yes, I'll have it
shortened before gifting. It is wonderful to have this website to order from. Happy Thanksgiving.

Pia Van A. - Vernon Hills, Illinois

You Should make white lab coats also we all love your surgical caps but our work requires us to wear
a white lab coat outside of the O.R. maybe in the future!!!!! thanks

Russell F. - San Diego, California

laurel awardSite Award to

Thanks. The scrub caps Did arrive! (under 10 days)

Dr. Christian B.
Equivetinfo - Grossostheim, Germany

Dear hospital gowns:

I have the sushi surgical scrub cap for the past 3 years and have loved it. It is still in one piece and has
gotten softer and more comfortable over the years. Great product. Recommend highly.

Tapan A. P. MD  - Moffitt Cancer Center / U. of South Florida  - Tampa, Florida

Thank you! Very quick shipping. They are really great quality scrub caps. I'm going to order more for my surgical staff. Good product.

Geri K. - Santa Clara, California

Hello Hospital Gown,
I was looking for scrub caps for my head picking niece and came upon your site. Great stuff and informative FAQ.
I admire your initiative and sadly, understand your frustration in attempting to work with unresponsive vendors.
When profit is the only motive, there is no progress. Best wishes for your future and Happy Holidays. Sincerely.  

Elizabeth A. - Chicago, IL

Thank you and Happy Holidays!  300 Units Sold.

United States Army
Crane Army Ammunition Activity

Great product. Out of all the hospital gowns I found online, these are the best. I am a licensed acupuncturist
and am looking for office patient gowns that are practical, allowing easy access to all areas treated, but look
stylish and beautiful, and don't make my clients feel "sick" while receiving a treatment.

Meret B. - Portland, Maine

Thanks, great surgical caps.

Richard J. - North Augusta, South Carolina

Thank you very much!!

Thank you again for your help and your beautiful designer scrub caps, Merry Christmas!!! And a happy new year!!

Andrea M., MD
- Torino, Italy :

Big compliment for your quality, service and design !!!
As soon as we get the photos developed I'll send them to you.

Dr. Axel M. - Flein, Germany

Cloth Designer Scrub Caps were a request from a Surgeon Friend in Iraq....the cotton cloth absorbs the perspiration.... in that very hot climate....your speedy response is greatly appreciated by me and will be by the surgeon requesting them....I will post your brochure at the Surgery Center where I work....Thanks.

Order arrived today.... thanks.... will send off to Iraq Tues.... Thanks once again for the speedy service.

Mary L. - Concord, California

Awesome - Great Service !   Samuel B. - Sacramento, California

Hi ,

I got my shipment on Wednesday, five days after my order, with a holiday
in-between. It was the first day back at my office after holiday break and
getting the shipment was perfect. I had promised my patients new hospital gowns
for the new year (my old ones were falling apart and ripping after ten years of
use), and thanks to your fast shipment was able to keep my promise.

The hospital gowns are gorgeous, beautiful and very sturdy. I think they'll last me
a long time and through many washes. My patients absolutely love them, and so do I.

I had ordered the XL so they would everybody and be a bit longer and
roomier, and I wouldn't have to pay attention to different sizes for
different people. Even one of my large clients could wear the gown and
felt great in it. The velcro on the back and shoulders makes access for
acupuncture treatments very easy. The beautiful patterns and colors fit
the wellness philosophy of my practice. I admit I had been reluctant to
spend that much money on hospital gowns, but figured that my patients were
well worth it and that your product would be of superior and long-lasting
quality. After receiving my shipment and beginning to use them, there's no
doubt that I made a good investment in patient care that will attract
people to my office and have them coming back again.

I am so glad I found you in my web search. Thanks for your product and for
your dedication to providing health care providers and patients alike with
such feel-good and practical hospital gowns!

I'll recommend you to my colleagues!

Meret L. B., licensed acupuncturist - Portland, Maine

Dateline : Iraq. I am ordering stethoscope covers for me and some of the other Medics at work.
Great website by the way! I hope to order more stuff later!

SPC Shawn  - HHC, 1-277th AVN, Iraq

The Hospital Gowns were a BIG hit!!! Back for more! Thank you!

Thomas and Michele C. - Burlington, Connecticut / Sun City Center, Florida
The previous 24 surgical caps I sent to the Trauma Hospital in Iraq went over so big need to send more...thanks again

M. Ladner - Concord, California

I've already ordered some designer surgical caps of yours and I'm completely satisfied!

Alessandro T. - studio dentistico - Piossasco, Italy


MIKE H. - Southampton, United Kingdom

Thanks for the great service. Got my designer scrub caps today (3 days by US Priority Mail). They're great.

J.R.W.III - Charleston, South Carolina

Thank You for the prompt reply, The content of your web site SURGICALCAPS.COM is impressive.
I am sure once I receive and start wearing these caps to the O.R. you will start receiving
several enquiries. Looking forward to doing more business with you.

Frankie P. - El Paso, Texas

Picked up my caps from the post office today. Loved them!

Ann C. - Letheon Anesthesia - Ludowici, Georgia

I am a recently-diagnosed Leukemia patient. I decided to shave my head before the chemo took
my hair out. I'd really like to get these to cover my head. Continues making the statement.
Many thanks for your originality. Looking forward to receiving them soon. Thank you.

Seth P. - New York, New York

TH 399th CSH

A dozen free scrub caps shipped. They will be delighted, since the only ones the Army supply
are the paper bouffant hats that do not absorb any perspirationand since they must keep the O.R.
hot for the surgery patients... they are always dripping...The Surgeon that I have sent them to
has shared with the other Surgeons..Techs.. and anyone else in surgery. I will sent your flyer
also and ask once again for a picture to be forwarded to you...From Me THANKS and even if you
do not hear from them.

Thank You...Sincerely Mary L.

Looks like you got some fantastic products, scrub cap! I can't find anything like this here in the UK.
I start a new job in the eye theatre this week so the sooner you can ship me this the better!
Keep up the good work!

Sean F. - Stamford Bridge, United Kingdom

Thank you - I did pick up the box at the post office. The PATIENT GOWNS are great. We decided we needed a few more
HOSPITAL GOWNS in the smaller sizes. This time, I will have it come straight to the office. Thanks.

Nancy D.
Aesthetic Surgery & Laser Center of Texoma
Lawton, Oklahoma

The surgical caps arrived on Monday: they're terrific!
Thank you very much for the extra one! Best wishes

Xavier A, - Andorra (a small country on the border between Spain and France)

This Scrub caps are all gift for my friends in hospitals… We’re all plastic surgeons and
your Surgical caps are appreciated all around the operatory room where we work… Thanks a lot!!
See you soon…

Dr Andrea M.
Medico Chirurgo
Specialista in Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica
Torino, Italy

Thanks for the help. 40 Bouffant Hats shipped

Tim P. - Eagle Rock School - Estes Park, Colorado

Excellent website.... David J. C.  - Nottingham, United Kingdom


I received the surgical caps today! Thank you for sending them so quickly. They are a little large,
but as you mentioned, the ties help make the caps more snug. I am wearing one as I type this!
Thank you so much for including the cute "crazy cap". I love the cat pattern!

Thanks so much!
Allison W. - Austin, TX

Dear ,

I just write to you to tell you that the missing order has finally arrived here. It was obviously delayed and has
been opened at the customs (the GERMAN customs!!), but now I´ve received my scrub caps. Many greetings from Europe

Bettina B. - Saarbrücken, Germany

Received order yesterday. Thanks, 2 days - US Priority Mail

Paul T. - Castro Valley, California

Thank you!
I received the Surgical Caps. I will send to you some pictures with Romanian plastic surgeons with nice caps.
Thank you again

Dragos Z. - Bucharest, Romania

Again thank you from the Flight Medics in Baghdad, IRAQ - C co 2/227th.

Max K.
C co 2/227th Avn Regt - Baghdad, IRAQ


I’ve received the surgical caps and your gift (the free crazy scrub cap) I would like to thank you for your kindness!!!
See you soon!!

Dr. Andrea M.
Medico Chirurgo
Specialista in Chirurgia Plastica Ricostruttiva ed Estetica
Torino, Italy

Congratulation!! Very nice new Scrub Caps! Thank you very much and till the next, George from old germany.
Georg S. - Hattingen, Germany

Thank you!

Thanks very much for the prompt credit -- and cheerful selection of designer hospital gowns. I know the tropical print would
have made my brother in law very happy. All the best. (THANK YOU AND SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS.)

Betsy S. - Bethesda, Maryland

11 Scrub Caps have arrived this morning, Switzerland (7 days)
thank you very much for quick and complete delivery.

Rhea H. - Bern, Switzerland

My wife is a doctor and she is already a customer who is in love with these Designer Scrub Caps.
I am from Turkey and I plan to buy more. Sincerely,

Ahmet A. - Istanbul, Turkey

Hi just want to let u know. I LOVE YOUR SCRUB CAPS. It fits so good. I have a small head and I was looking
for one that size. I live here in Houston, Texas and they all fit too big on me. This one is perfect. Thanks!

Nancy D. - Houston, Texas

Love the surgical caps!! Keep the new prints coming!!

I've got to tell you how much I love the surgical caps! I've gotten about 15 or so. My patients love
them too! I can't believe how fast they are delivered, too! Iordered on Wednesday evening, and received
them on Friday afternoon (US Priority Mail 2 to 5 days). I will be checking in frequently and ordering more.
I highly recommend them, scrub caps to everyone who wants to show a little individuality at work.

Berryman D. G. III - Newport News, Virginia

Great stuff! Cool patterns. I have purchased surgical caps from you before and I always get alot of nice compliments!
Keep up the good work with the quality material and the funky, creative patterns.

Dr. Mark M.  MS, DDS, PC  -  Livonia, Michigan

Dear DHG:
10 Surgical Caps - Arrived (4 days) and they are great! Many thanks, Kind regards.

Cary M. - The Plastic Surgery Centre - Auckland, New Zealand

thanks from MADRID! you should include a print for dentists! gracias

jose luis d. - Madrid, Spain

Thanks for the complementary crazy scrub hat with my order. I love you product.

Joe G. - Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks again for the crazy scrub caps...the Doc loved them!!!!!
Kathi also thanks you for your well wishes.

Zane S. - Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for your time and we LOVE your products. My husband is a Dentist and he loves these scrub hats
like women love is a sickness. Sincerely.

Jillian B. - Portland. Oregon

I have just had brain surgery last week and I think these scrub caps will be darling for my recovery.

- Received in one day, now that is service. Thank you so much I love them!

Marilyn G.B. - Paso Robles, California

I needed to order more scrub caps. They are so cute and comfortable. Thank you, Thank you, Marilyn

great selection, great prices!


Scrub Caps Thank You. Great designs and wide variety of choices. Good work.

David M. - Craig, Colorado 

We are midwifes and nursing stuff in a maternity hospital in Athens, Greece. We are hoping that your surgical caps and bouffant hats will bring colour and happiness in our delivery room.


I'm a repeat shopper of StethoSocks - these make fabulous gifts! I love the variety of colors/patterns. Thanks so much!

Betty Jo - Rogers, Arkansas

Great job on the order. this is for a client of mine. I'm sure he will love it.
Also, the free crazy scrub cap was a very cool surprise. Great work!

Eric W.  - Sales RepresentativeSynergy Medical Corp.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Much appreciated. Kind regards. (4 bouffant hats shipped)
Have received my order. Well done for all your help. Will recommend your products.

Have recommended to friends and they have also bought your products and we are all
wearing them in our medical operating theatres!! Thanks for excellent communication.

Tanya A. - Malta, Europe

The only website I've successfully found so far that offered as many choices as yours, thank you!

Christopher Matthew A. - Owensboro, Kentucky

My husband is a paramedic and has developed serious latex allergies. His neck has been reacting lately.
We are suspecting the stethoscope. Hopefully your Stethoscope Covers Socks ( stethosocks ) will remedy the problem !! (Crossing my fingers). Thanks for your clever patterns !!

Rissa S. - Citrus Heights, California

Love your scrub caps,... have had lots of people here at MGH ask where I get them. I always
refer them to your website Thanks. I like the new patterns as well.

Kurt F.D. - Boston, Massachusetts

Thank you so much for your prompt delivery. The surgical scrub caps are perfect !!!! Will tell my coworkers.


Thanks for last order of surgical caps. Have a good job.

Valentino T. - Chivasso - Torino, Italy

Love your surgical caps. I will try and send you pictures!

Mari C. - Redding, California

Thanks, I received it Friday! Very fast service! Thank you so much!




I've received my order two days ago. Thank you very much indeed.

Dr. Marco N. - Pescara, Italy

This product is badass. you should make it in the ACU pattern (new army uniform design)

Joshua S. - Dapne, Alabama

I really appreciate your accommodation for ordering from Outside the USA. (21 Scrub Caps)

Dr. Robert N. - Gladstone South, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Cool stuff! I think this is my 3rd time ordering from you guys.
Bouffant Hats and Surgical Caps shipped.

Dr. Mark R.M., M.S.,D.D.S.,P.C. - Livonia, Michigan

Thank you.

Stacey H. - Fresno, California

We are not allowed to distribute (or forward) advertising within our company email but I can tell you that
if I receive the surgical caps I order as you have indicated -next week, I will certainly tell my co-workers about
the exceptional service I have experienced with this order. This item is a gift for a co-worker "secret santa"
and I was very concerned that I may not get it in time to give it to them. I might suggest that you put togeather
a little advertising on your webpage about using these caps as an option for gifts such as the "secret santa" or
"office drawing" because the pricing is around $9.00. It may work if you could reduce the shipping charges.
Its a great, useful, and inexpensive gift. Thanks for the exceptional customer service. (delivered 4 days)

Bonni O. - Clarksville, Tennessee

My Daughter is on her last semesters of school and she starts her surgery rotation and these
are what she picked out.

Jo Em S. - Wichita Falls, Texas

The delivery has been completed successfully! I received my surgical hats, directly to the
shipping address required. Thank you so much, I'm fully satisfied of my purchase and I
really appreciated your service. Sincerely.


I received the scrub caps on time and at the correct address....Thank you.

Sincerely, Michelle - Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Designer Hospital Gowns -
Love your product! Best I've seen on the web!

David M. - Stamford, Connecticut

I'm very happy with the Kon-Tiki surgical cap I bought, that's why I am buying more!

Bradley M.C.H. - Kingsbury, Melbourne, Australia

Regards with Many Thanks!!! Express shipping 1 hospital gown. HUGELY APPRECIATED!!!!!

Paul T. - Halesite, New York

I bought these for my husband. He has a lot of Ed Hardy tattoos. Can you make a scrub hat with one main color
with a big tattoo design on the front, or two on the sides? That's what I'm really looking for, but the two I
bought today are the closest I could find. By the way, you guys have the best prints!A lot of printed male scrub hats
look feminine or trashy (eagles, nascar, flags...etc.) but I liked a lot of yours. If there is any way to get one
custom made, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks,

Ambre N. - MOBILE, Alabama

I LOVE your caps!!! Look forward to seeing what you have new in Feb.

Gina - Va beach, Virginia

I'm not sure if you can see my order history but I've bought a few hats from you. I've been extremely satisfied
with my purchases.

Jose L. Q. - Cooper University Hospital - Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I received my surgical scrub bouffant hats and love the material/construction. my only suggestion is that they
need to be larger - more hair room! (they are made as big as possible for the fabric width, already washed and hot dried, no shrinkage)

jan c. - Walstonburg, North Carolina

I just placed my third order for some more of your great designer hospital gowns. My first order I misjudged
my mother's size. I looked at the gowns and realized right away the 3 M's and 1 L I ordered were too big for
her. I immediately placed and order for 4 size smalls which she loves. Hence I just ordered her some more
smalls. I have now placed two additional orders for size small designer hospital gowns. Thanks

Simone B. - New York, New York

Thank you, your prompt response is appreciated. I was a little concerned. I will definitely
recommend your company to anyone looking for your products. Again, thank you for the wonderful
service and great products. I cannot express enough what a wonderful experience it was doing
business with your company. Merry Christmas!

Bonni O. - Clarksville, Tennessee

I just received my order of 4 caps 3 days ago. Thank you for a fast delivery. The Navajo design especially
was a real killer, let me tell you! So was the Jolly Rogers one (although i kept hearing the Greek equivalent
of "Aaarrrghhh, me mateys",and "where's your parrot?",in the OR nonetheless, hehehe). It was my second order
from your site. What I like most? (except from outstanding service?) Your astonishing variety of prints.
Looks like you got a repeat customer (as soon as I check on new designs). Thanks again,

Savvas P., MD - Thessaloniki, Greece

I already had an account as a citizen of Berne, Switzerland, and was very satisfied with your products
(surgical caps, bouffant hats, StethoSocks) and your service. Since I changed my working place from
Switzerland to Austria I tried (successfully) to introduce surgical caps in the new hospital environment.
It definitelywill improve working satisfaction and brightens up green OR days ;) Have a nice day.

Dr. C.P.
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienne, Anesthesiology
Vienna, Austria

Thanks guys / gals!

Christopher M A. - Owensboro, Kentucky

Oh Thanks!!!
I just received my order of 5 scrub caps and I am very pleased with them and the quick delivery.
I'll make sure to talk to some more people and get the name out. Your surgical caps are very comfortable
and wear really well so I can imagine that they would be a good sell! I have ordered 8 scrub cap from
you so far, and plan on getting more! I have already passed on the word to my work friends here
at US Naval Hospital Guam! Thanks again.

Joey / Surgical Tech- US Naval Hospital Guam, Guam

Dear DHG staff:
Today, I receive my long-awaited envelope & surgical caps, at last!!!!!!
(sorry 60 days for delivery - we do ship everyday sometimes the mail moves very slowly)
I full w/glory & happiness, this is masterpieces!!!
You are definitely THE BEST!!!!!!!!

It was shipped normally 12/04/2007, I think delay was at Customs [US or Israel, I don't no].
Anyway - huge THANKS for quality, nice design [almost perfect], excellent knitting.
I definitely will spread the WORD!!!!!  You are Giants, guys!!!!!

Dr. Uri B. - Carmel Medical Center - Haifa, Israel

Hi there
StethoSock Shipment received today, many thanks for all your help! Kind regards.

Kelly W.
Williams Medical Supplies Ltd.
Rhymney, Gwent, South Wales, United Kingdom

Love your surgical caps! They are well made and comfortable!

Corinne J. - Norwalk, Connecticut

Great designs. Always gets compliments. Pre-washed! Fast shipping. Just an awesome find. CM Block, RN - Arizona


I'm dental surgeon, in Reunion Island, a French department, in Indian ocean, and I hope I'll receive the package in great conditions.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any question... STEPHANE F. CHIRURGIEN DENTISTE SAINT DENIS, Reunion Island, REUNION

Thanks, Shawna R. - Austin, Texas

Thanks for your help. I ordered a patient hospital gown from you a year or so ago for my mother and was very pleased with the promptness of the order and the quality. You have a great product! Melissa R. - Durham, NC

I repeat my order from April 18th again. Thank you very much, we love your surgical caps! Greetings from GERMANY. Dr. Luise R. Tagesklinik am Brand - Mainz, Germany

I very pleased after my previous purchasing!

Thank you very much for quality products scrub hats, that appear better in reality, than at PC screen. Perfect service too, responses in milliseconds for all my e-mails. I expect for new orders in near future [may tomorrow]. PS: my kids got crush on you surgical caps! Uri B. - Haifa, Israel

surgical scrub caps

Uri B. on hospital duty Israel

Love your scrub caps!!!! gina b. - VA Beach, Virginia

thanks for a crazy cap ! :) LAURENCE N. - CLICHY, France

I am going into the hospital for chemo. The jonnies in the hospital are all too big and the snaps hurt. I am buying these designer hospital gowns because of the Velcro opening on the arm to accommodate the pick in my arm. Susan - Newton, Massachusetts

I received the surgical caps. Thanks for the extra scrub cap. Rhonda S. - Oxford, Georgia

fantastic hospital gowns - It's been 4 years and 20,000+ cases since I ordered about 100 gowns for patients visiting our tropical themed surgery center. The goal was to relax and pamper patients before they were sedated, and help them feel less vulnerable by keeping them well covered with these well made, comfortable hospital gowns. We were told there was no experience having patient gowns commercially laundered, but we took a chance. They have held up quite well. The Velcro seams should be avoided, but the cloth has very little fade and wear after literally hundreds of washes. We now need more because of increased volume and minimal damage (patients inadvertently tearing at the tie-attachments). Great product for us and for patients. Thanks Clifford for exemplary service.

Elliot Feinberg MD and staff
Central Massachusetts Ambulatory Endoscopy Center, LLC
Leominster, MA USA

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