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Bouffant vs. Cloth Surgical Caps in the Prevention of Infection ( )

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Which surgical hats are at higher risk for causing operating room acquired infections? • Which hats are best in terms of sanitation and protection from bacteria. Cloth Surgical Caps are superior than paper. vs. Paper Hats

Surgical attire of any description can carry bacteria which could contaminate our patients or be carried to our home. The studies appear to focus on the risk of contaminated cloth hats to our patients when in fact it could be argued that the risk to yourself and those around you is greater.

What is the difference between a scrub cap and a surgical cap?
Surgical hats, also called as scrub caps or skull caps, are specially designed headwear for surgeons and the ancillary medical staff to be worn in operation theaters or in similar conditions. Invented first in the 1960s by a nurse, surgical hats were then made of cotton or polyester.

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