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Stethoscope Covers, StethoSocks

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Stethoscope Covers, StethoSocks

Stethoscope Covers or StethoSocks are comfortably designed for the healthcare stethoscope user with soft top-quality 100% cotton fabrics and a variety of colorful prints. In over 251 interesting fabrics the StethoSock is designed to fully cover those itchy rubber lumen tubes with comfortable soft washed fabric. Designed for any stethoscope user the StethoSock features a wide top opening with a hidden single snap and a narrow bottom fabric encased elastic for easy side over diaphragm / bell exit. You don’t have to take your stethoscope a part again. Stethoscope Covers, Stethoscope Socks, StethoSocks protect your neck from the daily itching...

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Surgical Caps vs. Scrub Caps and are now one ecommerce website at SURGICALCAPS.COM Selling top quality designer Surgical Caps and Scrub Caps using USA Manufacturing USA Sewing USA Made USA Warehousing in stock ships daily with premium 100% Cotton Fabrics, products are washed and ready to wear. For 20+ years selling direct online from our website introduces a new product line, the Ponytail Scrub Cap for long hair / ponytails. Wrapping the long hair into the ponytail sack secured with 2 ribbons (Ribbon 100% Polyester CPSIA Compliant). The Ponytail Scrub Cap is based on our Surgical...

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